EvE Monitor

Hi guys, I am looking to get a new monitor, what would you guys recommend for EVE? resolution over High refresh? or High Refresh over res?
Should I go 4k? my system is more then capable for 4k gaming? Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated.
Current screens are QHD ones. Reason I ask is that I am unsure if the high refresh is of much benefit to casually playing eve, compared to playing a fast paced FPS (which I rarely to never do).
Currently my lowest refresh screen is 100hz, I wont be dropping below this with a new screen unless possibly for a 4k one @75hz.
Regards Zar G.

any 49" you can afford. if its too big, 34"

Fast refresh rates are a complete waste of time. By the time you get to 120 frames per second…that’s one frame every 0.0083 seconds…you are dealing with something that’s actually faster than the 0.014 seconds it takes for a signal to go from your brain to your hand and F1 key. Brain MK 1.0 is your slowest piece of equipment.

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True that. For EVE, 120fps are more than enough, I would recomment a WXQD Monitor because at 4K the cursor becomes incredibly small and is pretty hard to track for some people.

57" Samsung Odyssey Neo G9