Anybody using RTX 4080+/- on 4k monitor? How are the framerates?

Just got a 38inch ultrawide on sale (3840x1600; practically 4k). Wanna build a new rig to run eve like butter (as good as we can get in the worst situations). Planning on probably the 5080 or 5090 when they come out.

Anybody running EVE in 4k? What are your framerates like with what gpus? Average, and under the worst situations? (i.e. I hear fleet actions necessitates switching to potato mode in virtually all cases). Any info from experiences would help. Thanks for the input.

I have a 4070 super running with a 4k monitor with no problems.

When I launch EVE later I’ll try to check the frame rates.

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Meh…I run Eve just fine on a 3060 in full graphics , even in battles of up to 300 people in the system. I notice the Eve server tidi way more than any client end lag.

I don’t care about frame rates. Not only is having a 60hz monitor display at faster than 60 fps utterly pointless…but people are silly in overlooking that it takes well over 1/50th of a second in any case for eyes to see screen, brain to register stuff, and signal to travel to F1 key. So people rattling on about 250 fps machines simply don’t grasp that.

That is why most movies are filmed at 25 fps…in fact my camera films 4K at 25 fps. No matter how good a computer setup is…its the human brain that is in potato mode by comparison.

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I ran EvE at 4k capped at 60fps for a while about a decade ago with a mid-grade for the times card and it ran fine. Any mid-grade or better card today should handle it with ease.

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Ok with all graphic settings on high and ultra I’m easily getting 120 fps.

[MSI GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER 12GB VENTUS 2X OC Graphics Card]
12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-12400F 2.50 GHz
Kingston64GB 3200MT/s DDR4 CL16 DIMM (Kit of 4) FURY Beast Black

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My systems were all running EVE perfectly BEFORE this last update…

Now, though, although all other apps are fine, the internet is fine (I run diagnostic traffic software), and my network is fine…

…all 3 computers are experiencing significant lag. I mean, like you place a mod in a ship from inventory and it takes seconds for it to show up in the graphic? WTF is that?

Have you done a full download of the client? The default is download on demand, and in a few other threads doing a full download fixes a lot of lag issues.

Settings → Game Client → Check the “Download the full EVE game client” box.

Hope that fixes it, if you haven’t already tried this. :grin:

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no…why? this is not the issue. Simple troubleshooting concludes that this lag issue could not manifest on 3 separate systems simultaneously. It’s coming from the app.

update: The lag on my systems has resolved now because somebody fixed the bug…

Yet if you go read the Issues and Workarounds thread, you’ll find several people reporting lag issues that resolved their issues by doing a full client download. Simple troubleshooting concludes that this lag issue could not manifest on multiple people’s systems simultaneously, nor that they’re all reporting a similar fix, right? :thinking:

But yeah, this is what I get for trying to be helpful. And people wonder why I’m a dick. :roll_eyes: