FPS and playing Eve

So what do you get for your FPS in EVE?

I’m currently getting 22.7 with my AMD FX-8320 and a AMD RX 580 with 6GB
I’m planning to upgrade to a ryzen 5 or 7 and RTX 2060 with 6GB

Running 2 clients at the moment. What does everybody else use?

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for best peformance i would advise using Dx11. dx12 seems to tank your frames, in my experience.


Personally I find that when I’m told to go to potato mode for a large battle…in fact it actually makes practically no difference if I don’t and I stay on high graphics.

That does not surprise me, as my RTX 3060 is designed to cope with a lot of stuff, and in fact I suspect it probably does more work scaling stuff down than just letting it get on with what it is designed to do.

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Need 8gb vram and tbh man with the way gaming is going just wait longer and save up for a card with 12gb Vram + you will future proof yourself.

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I normally run average of 30 fps with all the glitter and tinsel running. There is an in game monitor you can bring up. I assume you know this since you stated your own at 22.7. If I use the toggle CTRL+Shift+F9, I get 110 to 120 fps but this eliminates all the 3D rendering. I drop the shaders, field of depth focal blur, trails, and I get around 40 to 50 fps. It just all depends on how much eye candy you desire.

If you upgrade from RX to RTX on the GPU, that alone will make a world of difference with all your gaming. This GPU comparison site helps a little. Just select you current GPU from the drop down menu and what you plan to upgrade from the drop down menu on the right.


My fps is all over the place. If I turn everything off I can get up to 3-400 fps, though 200 is the highest I normally get in minmatar station environments with most things maxed out - i believe i have reflections lowered since they don’t make any positive difference to my gameplay anyway. 60-100 is what I can normally get during pve. Jita undock is like 40-50.

I used to run with vsync on, but the 5% lows were killing me. The fps drops are less abusive without vsync on. Even then, when I open some windows, my stuff will drop to 0fps (not sure if that’s just due to my hardware, or crappy coding on CCP’s part.)

Hardware: i7-5820 (cpu from 2015 - not win11 eligible) and an RX 6650xt (which I bought about a year and a half ago.)

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I can confirm this

Ryzen 7 5800, 32gb ram 3000, 2070 8gb, 1tb sse m2 nvm, Win 11, Dx 11. Running one client in 2k resolution, maxed out settings with FSR on Ultra. 58 fps average. Minimal around 45

That’s too low for your hardware. Try minimal settings. The FX-8320 is a good CPU for many EVE tasks. For example, under FX 8300 4GHz and GTX 760 (overclocked) and DirectX9 I got 60 fps at medium settings. Since DirectX9 was deprecated (2019, right?) for DirectX11/12 and all graphics changed to new standards, I changed the settings to minimal which let me run EVE at 60 FPS even at Jita 4-4 for few more years.

Now I can dual-boxing EVE at High 1440p@180FPS 180Hz and 1080p@180FPS 75Hz under RX 7600 and Ryzen 5 5600. To make the in game experience more smooth, I did undervolt overclock for the video card and limited its FPS between 100 and 144. I don’t get below 100 FPS in 2K gaming and have stable 125 FPS in any dynamic scenes while the video card Hot Spot is under 75 ℃ / 2700 RPM at 130 W.

I see, the RX 580 is mentioned in EVE Online Recommended System Configuration and that’s just not enough for modern EVE graphical standards.

Try to get a 2K gaming PC. It’s the next level experience in EVE and now is the perfect time for it.

yeah i have it on high settings hoping to get a better video card maybe a 2070 but i only have PCI 2.0 so there would be a small bottleneck

My laptop was running like 500fps + docked before CCP had vysnc LOL

Had to fiddle around with GPU settings to lower it a tad bit but it was harsh…

I wish ccp had some other settings. I don’t need my card running at 100% in a station and getting 300-400 fps. And then running at 60% under load and getting 40fps.

Also, w/e that bug is that drops fps to 0% is annoying, hopefully they can find it and squash it. I know it’s not just me because I’ve seen other people post images like this:


That’s a pretty common sight for me when I open up the agency window, or flip between various windows while in spaces (This particular time I got it to do that while opening the air career program window.)

Also, I turned vsync back on since I was getting concerned about EVE putting too much unnecessary wear on my gpu while the game was in an idle state.

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Few words about hardware generations

The compatibility between old and new hardware generations is very vague and it depends on many factors. The latest standards are PCIE Gen 5, DDR5, 4K, chiplet CPUs and GPUs. Well, I’d say that PCIE Gen 5 and DDR 5 is all about bandwidth - nowadays these are great tech for servers, data centers, business solutions, studios, workstations, ML, AI, but aren’t so great for average end users and their desktop solutions. Long story short, the slowest and cheapest PCIE Gen 5 / DDR5 solutions have the same performance or 5-10% better than the most expensive and fastest PCIE Gen 4 / DDR4 desktop solutions. In my opinion, the PCIE Gen 5 / DDR5 will become a mainstream technology when the 4K media standard will become a mainstream standard and that will not happen until 2030 (plus/minus). For this tech we need good and realistic prices on respective systems, video cards, monitors, high speed internet e.t.c. Otherwise it will go like VR or 3D TV. Go check the prices for 4K 120/144 Hz IPS or OLED monitors.

Now is the perfect time to build good 2K systems, based on all I mentioned above. It can be done on current PCIE Gen 4 / DDR 4 which is very cheap now. Actually 2023 was the best year for such an upgrade (now prices on some components go up). Only video card prices are out of sanity - their prices are “nasty”, “disgusting”, “evil”. A good mid-range video card cost as much as 50-60% of a good mid-range PC. And for $500 - $700 you can get a really good system without a video card (aka with integrated graphics :D).

The first and bottom level video cards for good 2K gaming are RTX 3060 Ti and RX 6700 XT. I wanted to buy a RX 6700 XT instead of my RX 7600 (gone completely AMD this time), but all the available RX video cards were used, returned, refurbished, repaired, with scratches excetera. Then nah, I’ll get one a bit slower but completely new. The best modern video cards based on price/performance concept are RTX 4070 and RX 7700 XT. All video cards above are highly overpriced with minimal real performance gain.

Below are the PCIE Gen standards:

Most CPUs, motherboards can run video cards on PCIE x8 and x16 lane configurations. But there are video cards configured only for x4 lanes like RX 6400 and 6500 and some Nvidia GTX and RXT models also can run in x4 mode only, which is better to avoid them. What does it means? If one of your components supports x8 or x16 lane mode then it’s not a problem to combine PCIE Gen 2 with Gen 3 or Gen 3 with Gen 4. It can be a bottleneck to combine Gen 4 to Gen 2 or Gen 5 with Gen 3, especially if they support x8 lanes.

RTX 2070 and PCIe Gen 2.0

Based on your CPU and motherboard chipset, your RTX 2070 can run on 8GB/s or 4GB/s via simplex PCIe 2.0. Actually, your entire system is bottlenecking your video card. And the average performance drop depends on VRAM, CPU performance, number of clients (on multi-boxing), RAM speed e.t.c. If your VRAM is 6GB and above then you’ll get around a 5-10% drop in performance. If your VRAM is below 6GB (4GB) and PCIE bandwidth speed is 4GB/s or below then you’ll notice huge fps drops from 60 to under 10 in many games, especially if you are going to multi-box them. If your VRAM is above 8GB at min 4 GB/s then the performance drops will not be so noticeable. It’s caused because the video card has not sufficient memory for textures and it tries to cache them on RAM, which causes high latency, high load on CPU and huge load on PCIE interface bandwidth. The older is the PCIE Gen means the older is the CPU Gen you can install there obviously, which will bottleneck the modern GPUs additionally. So this isn’t about PCIE speed only.

I can summarize all mentioned above next way: if your system (CPU/mobo) supports PCIE Gen 2 x16 (8GB/s) and your video card VRAM is 8GB or above, then you should not have big issues running one or two EVE Online clients at Mid/High settings. Going below 6GB VRAM @ 4 GB/s levels can turn in huge performance loses. This upgrade makes sense, if you can buy that RTX 2070 with good discounts, otherwise it makes no sense to get an expensive or a new powerful card and limit its performance by 50%, for example.


In some cases, it is better to buy a new PC than the card. My friend just bought a $500 gaming PC new online. I don’t know his specs, it is one of those with 5 to 6 cooling fans, all lit up with LEDs, a massive heatsink over the cores, and neon pin stripes. He tells me the old PC would only hold a $300 upgrade GPU, while this one gave him a 6 core processor and twice as much RAM as he had before. I only glanced at the case and asked, Where are the drives? All I could see was the mobo. He explained the SSD is attached on the mobo and his 10 TB HDD (from the prior machine) is inserted from the reverse side and hidden.

I told him, if it was my PC the LEDs would get unplugged, the Windows OS would get replaced by Linux, and I would never place a 10 TB toaster oven inside a metal box just to make it look pretty. I worry about people who place vanity over function. However he seems to have made the better purchase as his old PC would never benefit from only a GPU upgrade.

Meanwhile he donated his old PC to my senior citizen free refurbish program. Don’t worry I didn’t replace the Windows 10 with Linux, and the elderly woman who it went to only plans to use it for Facebook and her hidden puzzle games. Please don’t toss your old PC to the curb, they just end up in Africa or India landfills.

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Just as a point of reference, on my 3440x1440 monitor with all settings at max, I’ve seen 300+ FPS running a single client. I’m usually running two, so the focused client hovers around 270. My monitor is only 144 Hz though, so I enable freesync to prevent my GPU acting like a room heater. The background client always runs at 60 FPS. AMD 7700X and a 7900XT.