Which hardware to increase FPS

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So i’d like to upgrade my monitor from FullHD to WQHD. I got a mediocre rig of an
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core, Radeon RX 580 Series 8GB and 16 GB RAM that i was willing to upgrade for the higher screen resolution.

What i am confused about is how my FPS behaves in different situations. Travelling alone in hisec with nothign special going on i got +100 fps, in big nullblops fleets with 200+ ppl idling on tether i drop down to around 15 FPS. Big fleet battles are like 2fps. Even fully zoomed out with nothing on screen that required much GFX computing. I typically play on quality graphics settings. Switching over to Peformance = worst possible graphics i only gain 4-5 FPS in the tethered idle fleet situation.

Low FPS to seems directly related to number of ships on screen/grid, no matter if they are actually rendered in whatever quality or just brackets. The GPU at least seems not to be the FPS bottle neck here, and i wonder what is it then? Is it the CPU, is it the RAM?

TL;DR: Which component (CPU, GPU, RAM) do you recomment me to buy to boost my EVE performance?

Okay, I know for a fact that it’s not your GPU or RAM that is causing issues, as I had no such problems with 16GB of RAM and a weaker video card (GTX 1060). Now, I can’t rule out your CPU with certainty (perhaps others can chime in), but it doesn’t appear to stack up that bad against other CPU’s used for gaming. I mean, it’s not great, but it’s also not so bad that I would be like, “yep, that’s probably your culprit.”

Of course, a good way to try to get to the bottom of this is to start HWmonitor, the next itme you’re doing something than normally results in your frame rate tanking, and keep an eye on your CPU usage. If it’s hitting 100%, then that would be a pretty good indicator that your CPU is to blame.

Now, all of that being said, just because your CPU or GPU utilization is hitting 100%, that doesn’t mean you need to buy new hardware. Another problem that could be happening is that your computer is overheating (old thermal paste, dusty heatsinks, failed fan, manual fan control set too low), which can cause your CPU and/or GPU to throttle down to a lower clock speed in order to prevent damage. Which could be what’s causing your framerate to tank. So, you should also keep an eye on your CPU and GPU temps and clock speeds as well. If your temps are maxing out, utilization is maxing out, and clock speeds are lower than their maximum values, then you’re experiencing overheating and throttling.

Ryzen 5 2600 - 3.4GHz - 85 degrees Celsius
RX 580 - 1340MHz Base speed - 95 degrees Celsius

Note that the RX 580 might be factory overclocked depending on the version you have. Thus, you might observe a higher clockspeed.

Anyway, if you notice that your CPU utilization is maxing out, but that you’re not thermal throttling, then it will be time for a new CPU. In which case, I can help you pick one that is compatible with your current motherboard.

So, check that out, and we’ll go from there.


No. Just … No!

The CPU is more than enough.
You’re not sharing enough information.

The only reason why buying new hardware will improve your situation …
… is because you’ve reinstalled everything, changing the environment.

The issue will most likely come back to haunt you yet again,
because your hardware is not at fault.

First thing to test is your FPS when you turn off space graphics. That’s CTRL+SHIFT+F9 iirc.
If the FPS stays the same, we don’t need to look at graphics at all. Quick and simple.

You’ll have a grey background screen and notice the effect immediately.

It sounds like there’s something hogging your CPU …
… or that you’re massively thermally throttling.

Download this: HWMONITOR | Softwares | CPUID
Run it, run the game, take a screenshot of the thermals after waiting a few minutes and post it.
Repeat that for every scenario you’ve described.

Next to cover:

"Did this guy install pseudo-optimizer software?"

OP, in case you do have crap like this installed, which tells you that it improves performance … uninstall it. It does not. These programs usually lock other programs to specific cores, which is a really bad thing to do. So, again: If you use stuff like this: Uninstall immediately.


You’re not sharing the CPU graph of your task manager. Run the game in the different scenarios you’ve described, in windowed mode, have the task manager open in the performance tab. Make sure there’s a small graph for each core and then run “snipping tool” (hit WINDOWS-key, start typing “snipping tool”) to cut out a screenshot.


Are you running any AV? Deactivate it. It’s not necessary. They’re all more or less a scam. In Windows 10 you have the defender and the firewall integrated, which is all you need. Consumer AV companies prey on the lack of understanding of their customers. They have their software installed in bundles on OEM PCs because not doing so would teach many people that explicit AV software isn’t necessary anymore.

So in case you use one … remove it. It’s a ■■■■■■■ useless performance hog.

Okay, I want your input here before we move on.

The screenshot of the different CPU-graph-scenarios would be great.
A screenshot of your “AutoStart” in the task manager would be great.
A screenshot of your “Details”, sorted by “CPU-Time” (you need to add that one),
with highest on top.

Regarding upgrading your monitor:

That’s fine. Increasing the resolution will always affect your GPU performance, not your CPU performance. Unless it’s going to run at an higher refresh rate, there won’t be any difference for your CPU. Only if it has to push out more frames per second your CPU would be doing more work, but again … it’s not going to be too slow to handle it.


In contrast to the well thought out post above me.

Turn off drone models and engine trails.

Trust me. I am an expert with the attention span of a goldfish.

I know I’m a little late on this…

Right off the bat after looking at your specs, try disabling Anti-Aliasing from the EVE menu if you have not tried so already, and lower the shader quality and see if that helps. I have an MSI RX 580 on my kid’s PC, and experienced the same thing that you described, and drove me crazy for many days. I know in fact it was the card in my case since as soon as I swapped in a GTX 1060 in there, those issues went away, even with AA and the Shader at its highest settings. I believe it’s an issue with AMD cards as I experienced this behavior in some other games as well (mostly games that are optimized for NVIDIA). You’ll definitely sacrifice a little bit of the visual looks of the game, but will at least have stable FPS.

Just for reference, these are the PC specs:

MSI Z87 Motherboard
Intel 4790K i7 (4.4Ghz OC)
MSI RX 580 Twin Frozr
32GB of RAM (2133mhz)
SSD Hard Drive (512GB)

You could also try enabling the Resource Cache from EVE and see if that makes a difference.

Hope this info helps! Good luck!

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Would be interesting to see it run natively on Linux for a comparisson.

Yes, it is a hint to CCP.

When they moved to 64 bit the performance dropped significantly. Not because it was maxing out my video card but the processor usage per client I think quadrupled.

Just wanted to add my 2 cents to this thread. I was running on 8gb RAM and after a patch a few weeks ago, everytime I exited a station my screen would go black for about 20 seconds, couldn’t do anything, and even after I got a picture my FPS was like 12. As I would play, it would improve to about 40fps. Playable enough for me. I don’t do blob warfare. THEN, I upgraded to 24gb RAM, and all those problems went away. Undocking is almost instant and frame rate is always around 40fps, unless I am two-boxing, then the active client would be 40fps, and the other would be around 15fps. I don’t know if this is a bug or normal. I used to two-box before and I don’t recall that happening.

Dray Cil

PS. I should also add I’m running an old video card, next on the list to upgrade. An NVIDIA GTX 750 TI - which only has 2gb of memory.

This would be awesome!

So I dont know if it’ll help, but there is an issue with some Windows 7-10 installations where superfetch hogs up your entire hard drive. I had the issue on my laptop when i wiped and reinstalled. I found that where before I could comfortably run 5 accounts, suddenly I was lagging with even 1.
I thought maybe the graphics card was dying, or i needed some windows updates, or some ramm had died.
It was just a glitch inside windows.

My advice would be:

  1. Play around with the in-game graphic settings and see if it can solve it.
    • Disabling Anti-Aliasing will likely improve FPS a little.
    • Disabling certain visual effects can also give slight performance improvements.
  2. Adjusting Overview settings can also have a huge impact on performance. Like mentioned previously cutting down on the information that is being displayed, such as removing drones and friendly fleet etc. from the overview (rather than removing them completely, you’d probably just want to have separate overview-tabs for these information instead). Having an “optimized” overview for big fleet fights is essential. Even the most powerful GPUs can suffer in the huge battles.
  3. Minimize the number of programs running in the background while playing EVE. - with your 16GB of RAM it shouldn’t be an issue
  4. Check for driver updates and/or play with you graphic card’s settings to see if that could perhaps resolve the issue. AMD graphic cards are, well at least some of the older generations, known to be less optimized for gaming compared to NVIDIAs graphic cards.
  5. Have too much “bloatware” accumulated on your PC over the years and maybe it just needs a good cleaning (format/reinstall of OS).
  6. Still have issues? and everything above have been tried, it may be time to look into hardware related issues (possibly upgrading).

Buying new PC/upgrading should be your very last resource, it’s likely going to be expensive and in these times it may not even be possible.

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