What TV is a good present for an EVE player?

Hi. I’m going to buy a TV for a Christmas present – specifically to play EVE.
The computer is a decent one (ASUS ROG) with a dedicated graphics card but I guess that wouldn’t matter?
What TV is not too much a fortune but will handle EVEs graphics, speed and display well?
USA here.
I searched this and old forum and so far the specs I have are:
HDMI input
EVE UI may needscaled up
set both EVE and computer to 1920x1080 rez
Those were from a 2013 thread though.
I’m looking to buy something at walmart online or amazon online for this.
Any advice would be SO appreciated!!

A lot will depend on how far away you intend to sit and how good your eyesight is. I have a 70" HDTV and sit about 8 feet/2.5 meters away. At 150% scaling Eve looks great.

Make sure the native resolution of the TV is 1080P - a few years ago it was common for an HDTV to have a native resolution of 720P or 1080I which doesn’t work well if you’re using it as a computer display - you either get interpolation or flicker.

4K is also an option if your budget can handle it (make sure you get 60Hz refresh - 30Hz will flicker noticeable for many people) but, there is a lot of text in Eve, especially if you’re involved in industry or markets; the UI doesn’t let you scale the fonts and the developers have chosen low contrast white text on dark background so you’ll need really good eyesight to read it from any distance.

Thanks very much for the response.

I went ahead and got a 4K 55 inch because it allegedly (specs) is a very low latency, 240hz (that’s a lie, it’s 120hz but other techs improving end result). Distance probably 6-7 feet but it could be as short as up close and as far as about 10 feet… whatever works.

Is the scaling possible from within the game or is that just the TV option? I guess I won’t know what the real options for the TV fed from HDMI laptop are until we get it and mess with it awhile. Since the laptop is only 1920x1080 rez, if we throw that to the TV screen that’s gonna be the same rez but 4K rez is 3840 x 2160 px so I’m figuring there’ll be some way to just make the picture bigger (twice as big I guess) rather than have only half the screen showing something. It ought to be visible.

I’m learning to play now, and I wish EVE had a way to allow a second window of the game that one could put most of the 8 gazillion boxes windows tabs subtabs etc. into, because then I could ‘extend’ the desktop and move all that stuff off to the laptop and keep just the space screen (and maybe Overview) on the big one. The laptop currently is a decent resolution, but on top of just learning the game (I kid. I am learning to be lost, useless, and get my ships blown up so far), I feel like I am buried in layers of boxes. I’m assured it gets easier with time!

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With a 4K monitor you can turn on high DPI scaling in the launcher settings. Highest without this is 150%. It’s best to let the computer manage the scaling if possible - graphics will be refactored for the native resolution.

You can stack windows - I recommend choosing the setting to only stack if you press the shift key. That way you’re dealing with tabs on a single window rather than a bunch of separate windows. You can also stretch the Eve window across 2 monitors if you typically play a single character. If you multibox it’s best to give characters their own monitor.

So I won a new TV at my company Christmas party a week ago. It’s a 32 inch D-series HDTV and the TV that I use for movies and Playstation games and such is a 42 so it’s still in the box. I was thinking of using it as a monitor for this game once I have a computer running to support this game but it’s a 720 HD instead of 1080. Do you guys think this would still work well?

It will work fine at a resolution of 1280 x 720. If you set it for full HD 1920 x 1080 the TV will interpolate the pixels. This works OK for video but not for text. For Eve, you want the native resolution of the screen. Note that some 720 HD screens have a native resolution of 1366 x 768 so be sure to check the specification sheet.

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