GTX970, 100% usage, low FPS

Since a few months, if not more, I am having difficulties with the FPS in EvE. I posted about this a while back in another thread with what I thought was a fix, but it’s just a workaround I have to do every time.

With 2 clients running my game will use 100% of my GPU and all of it’s memory (4GB). The max FPS on 1 client will be 30 (if I’m lucky) and 1FPS on the other client until I make that window active again by clicking in it.

The only way I have found to temporarely fix this is by de-installing the graphics card driver and re-installing another (later or newer) version. It will be fine for a few days (200+fps on both clients at max graphics) after which the viscious circle continiues and I have to do it all over again.

note: Any other AAA game I can play on high-max settings so my hardware is fine. I’m sure it’s something to do with the game.

First of all my specifications:
Intel Core I7-4790k
MSI GTX970 4Gb Gaming
16GB DDR3-1600
2 SSD’s (Windows on 512GB, Eve on 120GB)
4TB HDD Storage
One 27" monitor at 1920x1080 and two 24’’ at 1920x1200

Things I have tried:

  • Re-installing the game entirely
  • Changing from DX11 to DX9
  • Downloading all the game resources to SSD.
  • Present interval from one to immediate and back.
  • Playing in patoto-mode instead of highest graphics. (no change whatsoever)
  • Enabling Resource Cache
  • Re-installing Windows 10.

Dual/Triple-boxing is an absolute pain-in-the-ass with one client at 30fps and another at 1FPS. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this permanently?

FPS Before re-installation of drivers.
Task Manager without having re-installed drivers:
Task manager & FPS after re-installing drivers (again)

My story may help.

I run a 3 monitor rig. While Space pew’ing I noticed erratic FPS behavior anytime I would click on my scouts monitor. Turns out it was because 1 monitor had a different response time than the others. 2 are 2ms the other was 8ms. When I would swap between the 2 2ms ones everything was fine. Its was only when I clicked on to the 8ms monitor that I would get the hit. Which would also cause my GPU to eat up all its power attempting to slow the faster ones down using more resources in the process. The culprit was the 8ms monitor. For some odd reason when you swap to the 8ms one it makes the others slow themselves to the 8ms speed. Reminded me of the old saying “You are only as fast as your slowest part” I now have 3, 2ms response time monitors and I haven’t noticed any fps hits. Hope this helps or at least gives you ideas on where to look.

I dont use win 10… solved most of my problems right there. not sure what to say other than, could there be an issue with the different resolutions? you are using g force experience yes? what are you nvidia control panel settings like? and what is the driver version you are using for the gpu? have you tried reverting to a previous driver?

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Hmm, that’s something I’ll have to test out. My main screen is 2ms and the other two are 5ms. For now it is still ok, so I will have to wait till the problem appears again in the next few days. Thanks!

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i have this issue as well which is super frustrating. anyone else experience this and was able to fix it?

I use this:
Intel E5-2690V4
Gigabyte GFA-X99P-SLI
Ballistix Sport LT 16GB Kit (4GBx4) DDR4 2400 (in XMP) in Quad Channel Mode
1 HGST Ultrastar He6 6TB 3.5" SATA 7200 RPM Enterprise Internal Hard Drive with 64Mb Cache
One ASUS VG248QE 24" Full HD 1920x1080 144Hz 1ms HDMI Gaming Monitor
Windows 10 Pro and using Nvidia Drivers (not using using g force experience)

When Running a screen refresh rate of 144Hz with 2 EvE Clients Max Video Settings I have no problems at all.

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What’s your Interval set to in the EVE graphics setting? The interval setting works like a FPS limiter. Interval immediate is no FPS cap, Interval One limits the FPS to the current refresh rate of your monitor (i.e. 60 fps on a 60mhz refresh rate), Interval One maybe causing issues for you and you might want to try Interval Immediate (or vise versa).

Also always disable all of Windows 10’s “Game Mode” features, they always seem to cause weird problems like micro stutters and FPS issues.

any update from the OP? just curious as to if you found a solution or if your gpu was just clogged with dust and it got hot and the performance was choked… cough cough.

I have had it only once after posting this after which it fixed itself an hour later weirdly enough.
Upgraded the 27’’ to a 32inch 2560x1440 75 hertz monitor last week and still no issues with the FPS.

GPU wasn’t/isn’t clogged with dust. Completely cleaned the whole case half a year ago and there was barely any dust inside back then.

The NVIDIA driver I have currently installed is 398.11 and it’s working fine.

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