Random FPS drops during missions

For approx the past two weeks, I have had random freezes while doing missions…

16GB DDR4-3200

I am running two clients side by side, when doing missions, or ratting (basically when there’s NPCs/rats involved) I notice freezes every 10-15 seconds

while watching FPS monitor on both, my FPS drop to 0, and back up to full, but only on the client that is doing the mission, the other client stays rock solid…

my GPU usage is only at around 60%, and never dips or spikes
my CPU usage is only around 35% max, and never dips or spikes

I have tried reinstalling eve (uninstalled, deleted all local files, and eve cache etc) - did not fix it
I have tried updating/removing and reinstalling GFX drivers - did not fix it
I recently had some internet problems I hoped were the cause, but these have now been fixed and the issue is still present…

note, it is ONLY when fighting npcs/rats - in Duel or pvp it doesn’t do it, any other time during eve gameplay, there are no problems…

I noticed a reddit post about similar, but they seem to think it was due to a windows update (2004) and rolling back to 1909 fixed it for them, but I am still on 1909 and have been all along.

Anyone got any ideas?

Hey - just to add, I think I’m experiencing something similar, but only when I fight rogue drones - otherwise its fine. Although my system is not as nice as yours :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello there, I had a similar issue and found a solution which fixed it for me.

I was playing on 40"/60Hrz monitor with a Nvidia 970 GPU card so I bought a new GPU in the hope it would fix my issue.
Today I installed my new 5700XT and…the issue wasn’t solved! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I had the ingame FPS-Monitor active while testing and after a while I noticed that if I only moved my mouse cursor…the FPS drop was kicking in.

My solution:
Go to your game mouse software and set the ‘Pollingspeed’ from 1000 to a vallue of 125.

That’s it! :partying_face:
Now I can play EVE on the highest visual settings on a 4K-40" without going below 59 FPS

I hope this works for you and all other players too. :crossed_fingers: