EVE on Fedora OS

Hello peeps,

So, recently I switched back to LINUX OS, namely Fedora (latest) and decided to never go back to windows again. So, installed eve-online using wine and for the most part its working well. During launch, it takes a while but its good.

My Processor is ‘AMD Phenom™ ii x4 920 processor x4’ , with 8GB RAM and wih ‘AMD Radeon ™ pro wx 4100’ graphic card (I have this type of graphic card not for gaming but for my work related stuff), 2 screens and with SSD hard-drive. So, I toned down some graphic settings (not much, got down to medium on few things) to have better performance of the game, which I didn’t have to do on Windows 7 OS (on this same PC). So, I kind of thought, maybe the graphic card drivers are not well optimised to play games and being on linux doesn’t help much.

I am planning to purchase another PC in few months time, so I am asking fellow New Eden pilots, if you have suggestions on hardware equipment (like processor, graphic card, etc.) for best performance of EVE game, and help me on this. I primarily looking to optimise this PC to have best game experience with just EVE and my choice of OS is Fedora.

I have only basic knowledge on computer equipment, and so I also welcome discussion of ‘pros and cons’ with different cards, different LINUX OS.

Thank you.

Fly safe

While the requirements for eve have certainly gone up quite a bit the last 5 years or so, I think you’ll be fine with anything really.

As far as long term; if you can squeeze for one of the fancy new AMD 570 boards and lowest end cpu that supports it - trying for the PCIExpress v4 capability would be perfect. You seem to be capable of running your hardware long enough, and picking good stuff in the first place. I just did a rebuild a while back and kind of wish I’d waited a little longer to get the next gen of expansion slot.

Even if you go skimpy with an older RX 570 or and older nvidia card if you can find them, you’ll be guaranteed to be able to upgrade to the newest and the best in a few years on a significantly faster interface bus.
I generally live cheap and go for bang for the buck: Best motherboard feature set I can afford; with the cheapest CPU in the slot, recommend 16G of ram for sure now, and the best samsung nvme m.2 hard you can afford. I’ve got a 960EVO and I’m rather happy with it. I’d rather have a 970PRO with MLC instead of TLC chips…but meh. It will still outlast the usefulness of the machine.

I’m just finally eyeballing a new videocard myself; my old nvidia 750TI isn’t amazing anymore. :slight_smile:

I agree with your bang for buck idea, which I generally try to follow.

However, i am always confused with computer hardware. So, this time, I want to make sure it works as intended. So, I went through EVEOnline system requirement page, can those AMD Ryzen 7 1700 with AMD Radeon RX 580, work with Linux OS? I like AMD hardware, as they generally are very good for the money we spend. But how is compatibility of Nvidia cards with AMD boards? Because I heard on comms once that Nvidia perfroms better for EVE than AMD graphic cards.

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