Ram and CPU usage

For a while now , perhaps since the march update Eve clients have been hugging up way too much pc resources. from yesterdays session task manager showed CPU total was jumping between 60 to 100% before the update after launching clients it settled down to 40-50% each client eat up 500-700MB of ram after logging in and undocking all my toons and about 10 min idling in space … used to settle to 150-250MB per client in that time …

not to mention occasional black screens /client deaths after picking character or after undocking …
also pc keeps freezing randomly for 2-10 sec then working fine till the next random freeze… while launching the clients the launcher failed to work couple times too .

took me around 20 min to launch and undock my toons including 1 reboot i had to make cos the pc apparently ran out of ram to even play music on winamp

used to get my toons logged in and out to space in about 2 minutes before … and while idling in station i could effortlessly play battlefield on high settings with 0 lag …

anyone else having issues like this ?

I havent seen this much pain, but last night i had issues with the whole client locking solid for 15 seconds before it all came back.

Im going to flush cache and monitor tonight and see.

EVE has really become a resource hog of late.

I’m new to eve, and have seen this lock-up once or twice a day since I first started. It even manages to lock-up Linux Mint entirely (including the task-bar, something I haven’t seen any other software achieve).
I’d put it down to running on Wine on an old PC, but perhaps that’s not the cause after all.

There are serious issues with EVE under wine (at least on OSX). There are quite a few memory leaks that lead to frequent and unexpected crashes.

Yes I’ve noticed performance issues aswel for some odd reason my fps tends to drop like a brick if running multiple clients and at least one is docked if all umdocked it runs better.I’ve actually gotten similar 15 sec or more

Yes, i have this issue! The CPU usuage is 2-5 times higher!
I didnt even notice it on my desktop PC because i have good cooling, but on my laptop the fans are running and full speed when i run 2 EVE clients at minimum settings. CPU usage is over 60% with only 2 clients!

Before i was able to run 4 clients on that same laptop and CPU usage was rarely above 30% …
Fix your game CCP.

28% CPU usage on the character selection screen @ minimum settings. WTF have you done to the game …

I have an old 2600k CPU with 16GB of RAM…and run 5 characters at the same time with zero issues.

Fresh install and new mid range HD.

3 weeks … still same issues … upto 7 characters its fine … after that it gets laggy … used to run 18 at the same time as smooth as it plays 7 now …

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