Upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and now my EVE clients use 100% of CPU

I’ve had EVE stable with multiple clients for years. I just upgraded to windows 10 and now i can only log in half as many clients as before. Because that takes me to 100% cpu usage.

Not sure what the issue is. Only change made was upgrading to windows 10. Any reason why Windows 10 would cut the max number of EVE clients my computer can handle to half the amount that windows 7 could handle?

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Simple your PC hates you.
On a less serious note what kinda numbers are we talking about what you could run before 8? Now 4?

If Intel CPU win 10 comes with castrating update to hyperthreading so that might what killed off your cpu.

I could run 20 before, and my cpu would be near max. Now i can only run 10 and it’s at perma 100%.

Yes it’s an intel cpu.

I’m watching the cpu usage in resource monitor. All EVE windows are doing the same thing. Yet weirdly they hover between 4% and 10% cpu usage per window with some EVE windows sometimes spiking up to 20% cpu usage.

Well then my wildly uninformed opinion would be performance reducing security updates Intel did to their CPUs.

Does that only apply to windows 10 then? Was no issue before the upgrade from win 7.

There was a major intel and amd chip security problem that required shutting down features of that chip that made it “faster”.

It’s as sever as 80% performance loss. (Which impacted server clusters quite severely. Home users not so much because rarely do normal home users use that much cpu)

Win7 probably didnt have it.

Depending on how you got your win 10 it most likely included an intel or AMD manufacturer update to your processor.

There is no way around this.

As I remember win 10 deployed an update almost instantly when public started finding out about it can’t say older OS received it…my guess win 7 being oldish did not

Weirdly speedfan reports my cpu usage as 65-70% while Windows Task manager reports it at 95-100%.

Any ideas?

This sounds about right. Question is how he got it. It’s not typical since it’s a manufacturer update. Tho I seem to remember Microsoft did release a package that included it so it might be a normal update.

Windows is more likely reporting correctly.

If the security update is the case theoretically you can remove the update. But I am not going to bother researching how to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Its microsofts and intels fault. Not CCPs at all, na-ah. CCP would never develop a game that works at 50%.
Well, maybe they would, but unintentionally and against their rule to maximize alt use between players.

Took a screenshot of running processess and added them up. It does add to 100% total cpu use. Almost entire EVE windows using that up.

You could consider capping each instances use of CPU and suffer a little performance hit spread out controlled rather than the spike you’re probably getting where any one instance can crush the other.

Tried for hours to resolve it, nothing worked.

I’ve just rolled back to my previous version of Windows, problem solved. Not sure what I’m going to do when they stop updates for Windows 7 though.

We’ll be in year 2020 and only options will be regress to Windows 10 and its massive CPU performance problems. Or stay with the older superior versions that are no longer supported…

Upgrade your PC, Pleb.

i7 8700. 3TB (1 SSD, 2 HDD) 32GB DDR4 2070 RTX… and liquid cooled of course. There is a remote for the fkn vanity lights. :parrotwave2::parrotwave3::parrotwave4::parrotwave5::parrotwave6::parrotwave7:THE LIGHTS HAVE A REMOTE!! :star_struck::star_struck:

God Bless credit card debt!

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Yeah but do you have a vanity fully functional 1:1200 sized f22 raptor turbo jet and afterburner fixed to the chassis?

What kind of specs are you running on?

Look at OP and laugh. That is simply Microsoft treating your machine as a peer in a torrent network (that distributes windows updates to all W10 machines in the general area). Also W10 in general is processing everything you type and sending it to their servers for recording purposes. Also your machine is probably running update downloads and installation in the background without ever telling you.

Those could be some of the reasons you’re at 100% CPU usage.

in 2020 you could update your PC for and switch to AMD Ryzen processors.

Ryzen 7 3700x is very potent at running multiple clients plus modern chips have vulnerabilities fixed on hardware/firmware level so you wont have to give up performance to windows’ software fixes.

Or learn to use Linux…