100% CPU when Eve is focused window

Been having this problem for a few weeks now. I can’t think of anything (other than a windows update) that was changed in my system.
The left pict is 10 clients running not focused, nice and even like it used to be.
The right is what happens when i focus Eve, 100% on first two cores.
Same result on all different settings in game, DX9, DX11, docked, in-space, char selection screen, etc… Affinity has no effect, neither does Windows performance options.


GTX 980ti (I know the CPU bottlenecks it, it was free :smiley: )
16 GB Ram
Win 10 Pro

Any suggestions, tips or tricks would be appreciated.

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Not sure if this helps any but could you try run a test where you’re only running a single client, and not 10?

Don’t forget that EVE is still only running on 32bit architecture so that could have something to do with it, whether it’s because it does not support 8 Cores, or something completely different I don’t know.

Have you checked if EVE client has access to all 8 cores by default, or if it’s limited to 2 or something?

It acts the same with one client, but because eve is low usage cores 1-2 hover around 17% (the rest near 0%)when focused and when not focused cores 1-8 are evenish around 5%.

Been mulitboxing for 9 years now, never had this problem until a few weeks ago. Been running the same hardware for over a year.

I have a feeling windows is the culprit… the search continues.

I would also suspect it’s a compatibility issue somewhere… could be windows, could be EVE client or even some unknown 3rd option. I would also think the problem lies more with windows than any other thing.

With my quadcore i7-6700 I can easily run 3 clients and it doesn’t even put much stress on my CPU, so from a hardware standpoint your rig should be more than capable of running 10 clients, not sure if your 16GB is optimal for that many clients + what ever programs you have running in the background.

Game mode… F’n windows Game Mode was active. Never heard about it until 10 mins ago. Turned it off and my beloved Eve Online runs as it should.

Thanks @ISD_Sakimura for replying.


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