Eve Evolved into unplayable!

So, the new client seems to have a couple of issues. When one of my 3 game windows has focus everything on my pc runs at 10 frames a second including the other 2 game windows, Sky player, Google, absolutely everything.

However if I take focus away from all three windows the system starts to run perfectly and all game clients look perfect.

But as soon as I focus on one of the game windows again everything shits itself.

12900, 2x 3090, 32Gb 5600 memory, installed on 5000/6000 ssd.

Can we please have the last client back?

You’ve brought two too many.


Question are you running the game in window mode or full screen with each account?

What worked for me was switching back to DX 11 in the launcher


ALong with the usual check what’s running in background, download latest drivers etc., a couple other things to try are use Launcher settings (upper right gear wheel) and make sure it’s set to download full client, and also try toggling Use Hardware rendering and DX 11/12 to see which work best.

You could also fire up the Task manager and see if it’s RAM, GPU, or Disk drive that’s getting choked.

Having same trouble , my main pc seems to be getting better but an older 2nd pc which could run two clients can’t run one now , I’m working thought a list of things to try for both PC’s, the main one was have issues Dx12 and 11 so it’s not that .

Might be time to put in a ticket to see if ccp can spot why I’m having trouble

Maybe… just maybe, you should not ever 12900 but 12600k.

Don’t let those cores foolya!

I don’t know anything about puters… I knew how to EVE once, tho.


When you take focus out, windows lose priority and run with less FPS…

The system may be shocking to keep the active window with priority, or focusing on EVE may trigger all windows trying to get priority. Idk, but maybe you can try to set lower priority for your EVE clients manually and test how it goes (fps may drop).

Ofc, disabling DX12 must be the easiest solution.

Just wanted to say this was hilarious, and wondered how many people even get the reference anymore?

Is that a Bronson reference?

Yes, and a well deserved tribute.

Just stick Frank in a Punisher and Harmonica into a Rifter and they’ll fit right in here.

What worked for me was that I was sold a special permit to operate a Retro PC for 10 Million ISk

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