Can't play Eve with multiple clients since updating to Windows 11. Random Clients will freeze

Since updating to windows 11, I’m essentially unable to reliably play eve with 4 clients open. I’m experiencing three main issues, and here they are ranked from most problematic to least:

  1. One of the clients will reliably have it’s UI completely freeze after a few minutes of playing the game. I can still hear Client sounds when I move my mouse around, so it seems like the client is still getting some input, but the UI will freeze completely, and nothing I do seems to unfreeze it until I close and reopen that client.

  2. The game seems to “refresh” the UI at random intervals across various clients. By this, It literally looks like when you refresh a tab on a web browser. The client will go black, or show a weird blurred version of the client, and then UI elements will slowly load. As an example, when it’s loading, I might have the inventory loaded, but all of the item icons will still show black until they also load. This happens pretty regularly and seems to happen more when I alt-tab between clients

  3. The game will cause system wide lag spikes, where even my sound and mouse freeze for a second. I found this post on that same issue, and disabling HPET seems to have helped with that issue at least.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Running with DirectX12
  • Disabling HPET
  • Watching Task manager to see if there are other apps spiking CPU or Memory (there aren’t)
  • Using NVIDIA control panel to minimize FPS of clients in the background to 20fps

Update: Disabling DirectX12 might have resolved the issue, will keep playing and see if I can reproduce the issue with it disabled

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