Cpu usage and number of client expectations

I took a break from EVE towards the end of last year (uni work got too much) and came back recently to play with only a single account. Great fun and no issues. I just resubbed a whole bunch of my alts, that I used to use with no problems mid last year and it’s killing my CPU. I just wanted to check whether my CPU usage is high compared to other people and concern or whether I just have to wait until I can upgrade again (plan in the works but later this year).

Currently, I’m running a stock intel 6700k with 64Gb ram and a 1060 6Gb GPU. My OS is Manjaro and I’l running the launcher through WINE (not exactly sure how I just added the exe to my start menu and it runs…). I tried adding EVE to Lutris and changing the options to Proton 4.11 but that didn’t seem to help.

Each account seems to use up around 150% of a cpu thread and the 6700k has 8 threads turboing to 4.4Ghz. 4 accounts runs fine and 6 pushes it over the limit (which make sense, 150% * 6 = 9 threads of load). They are all running in potato mode (optimise for performance) at 1080 res on a 4k monitor.

Does that sound about right for my hardware or is this a problem?
Any suggestions on config tweaks that would help?
If it’s the hardware, how much of an impact can I expect if I move to an Ryzen 9 3950x or one of the 3rd gen Threadrippers (probably the 3970x)?

It was the change from 32 bit to 64 bit - I used to be able to run 3 clients on my ancient PC, but now it’s only 2 before I start thrashing virtual memory.

Hey, i also run into this problem since they changed it to 64-bit. After the change i was on Win7 64bit, and my CPU-Usage climbed up from around 30-40% with 7 Accounts ( Mining ) to around 60-70% . My Machine is a I7-3930K @ 4,2 GHZ, GTX 1070, 32 GB RAM.

So, after Win7 died in January, i switched to Ubuntu 18.04, and have now the same Issue; ( i run Eve with Wine 5.0 stable, didnt try it on lutris till now, cause i dont think it will will make that huge diffrence )
When i want to go out mining, my CPU-usage is now even in Station docked @ 95-100% .
I am also now thinking about a new Machine, and what CPU to put in there. My Choice so far is a Ryzen 9 too, only Question now for me is which one, 3900x or 3950x?
I have 8 Accounts in total, so according to your example of 150% usage i should be fine with the 3900x, but i also plan to use this machine for the next 4-5 years at least,(this actual machine runs now around 8 Years MOBO/CPU, only the GPU didnt last this long) so i also thinking of getting the 3950x, and have probably some Reserve in case of CCP goes on with bad coding ?
If anyone out there is running EVE with Linux and the mentioned CPUs, pls feel free to tell us here about your Expierence so far, would really like to hear some Opinions how they perform, thx in advance o7

I just tested newer steam provided proton 5-03. Compared to bare eve client I ~seem~ to have halved the cpu need. Not quite sure what the issue is, but it used to alternate maxing out a thread or two (out of 16) and now they almost never even hit the max on the graph. Processing seems spread across 3 threads or so, but only using 1.5 threads worth.
Instead of 250-300% cpu, seems steady at 120-150%. (linux cpu…aka thread).

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