Increase in CPU usage after certain actions

Hello capsuleers!

I have Archlinux and play through Steam. Normally the client uses 20-22% of the CPU. The problem is the increase in CPU usage when simulating ship fittings, jumping through the gate, opening the New Eden store and multibuying. The effect is cumulative and I have to keep restarting the game. If I do not follow the steps above, the CPU usage will not increase over time.

Perhaps someone has encountered this problem or has an idea on how to fix it? I would appreciate your help.

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Dont remember who but mentioned that Steam tends to spy on your usage, and that causes the game for some odd reason to slowly use more cpu as time goes by. I run 5 accounts normally, but for another odd reason… it always happens with my main… that gets added usage cpu over time and it gets so bad my CPU starts getting hotter and the fast/easy solution is to close and open that client again.

In addition to that… I had noticed that when you switch from Proton7 to Proton8… the cpu usage is reduced, and I dont remember having to close my main that often, but like 2 weeks ago we had this thing happen with a launcher update… that I couldnt run the game anymore with Proton8… so… I got back to Proton7… I can play but again I get the stupid CPU usage increase over time ;(

I think one solution could be to do the wineprefix with dxvk (I remember it used to work, but I tried those steps and it wasnt as easy as running steam… [and I also ran into weird problems, like the mouse input while viewing around the ship/space was flipped… and the game only allows us to flip one of the axis, not both] and I also tried Lutris… which still doesnt work in my setup, no idea why, the install never ends succesfully).

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Try adding this launch option in steam, it worked for me:


More info…


Thank you, mate, that really helped.

This fixed all my Linux related issues regarding CPU load jumping gates and docking.

Where do you add Launch options?

  • Open your Steam Library.
  • Right click the game’s title and select. Properties. .
  • On the. General. tab you’ll find. Launch Options. section.

Thanks, just added them… will test :wink:

Yesterday was able to run 4 clients… and CPU temps were better than before. I didnt have to do my usual close client to reset CPU usage. Tonight will try 5 clients :wink: I have to say that it felt great to run 4 clients again… :wink:

EDit: One thing Im noticing… is the launcher is more prone to crash, forcing you to close clients to load it up if you want to online more clients ;( but other than this… which is annoying… I can run 5 clients again… CPU usage is at 88%, and temps arent that bad neither. It just so happens that the launcher disappears from the running aps, not even shown in the ‘system tray’.

ooooo!!! i’m having the same issues OP is describing, i’m gonna give this a try tomorrow

checking back in here. my client seems to be working correctly with stable CPU use (holding steady at ~25% per client) thank you @Sir_Constantin i can finally multibox again!

I actually decided to omega my alpha… to see if the machine could run 6 clients… and yes, it does. Surprisingly… Im still not hitting 100% CPU usage, is not yet even at 90%.

The launcher keeps crashing, so what I do is I start all 6 and then minimize those that Im not using at that moment, keeping them on the char selection screen, and then, when I need them, I alt tab and select whoever I need.

I thought my 12yo GPU would suffer and make it unplayable… but so far its working… is playable. I{m still on Steam with Proton7 (whatever version I dont remember).

If I want to try Proton Experimental or Proton 8 (I think there was an update to that… not really sure)… just by selecting which to use… if it doesnt work,… can I get it back to Proton7?

Jesus! Where have you been? I mean I should have google it earlier, this really worked. Thanks a tonne!


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