Still anyone using Linux?

Thank you for the hint!

I’ve had similar symptoms after upgrading from 22.10 to 23.04

  1. CPU usage for Eve (tq\bin64\exefile.exe) process had rise up to 600% (6 cores system) - usage got bumped after some actions inside interface, like visiting skills page, trading system or in-game store.
  2. Same top of calls for strace


  • Ubuntu 23.10 (pre release), kernel 6.3.0-7-generic
  • nvidia-driver-535, version 535.104.05-0ubuntu2
  • Steam + Proton 7.0-6

I’ve got stable CPU usage only after disabling both - esync + fsync. Here is the command template for Steam:


Disabling just fsync was not enough for my setup.

Regarding Lutris:

  • tried Lutris with lutris-GE-Proton8-13
  • only disabling both esync and fsync gave me stable CPU usage