Still anyone using Linux?

This is the result from a strace on my main client. Looks like a lot of CPU calls going to “futex”. Maybe a clue here.

strace -c -p 51765
strace: Process 51765 attached
^Cstrace: Process 51765 detached
% time seconds usecs/call calls errors syscall

76.15 37.078009 22 1666108 243484 futex
8.77 4.270163 864 4937 pselect6
8.14 3.965452 29 134967 sched_yield
1.60 0.781410 7 98247 read
1.23 0.597935 4 121508 rt_sigprocmask
1.08 0.526064 5 98157 79409 recvmsg
0.83 0.404074 40 9927 poll
0.67 0.326769 7 43246 write
0.36 0.175848 14 11926 openat
0.32 0.155712 7 21211 writev
0.21 0.100301 8 12063 close
0.17 0.083560 7 11544 newfstatat
0.16 0.075522 18 4065 3593 futex_waitv
0.09 0.043612 13 3122 834 stat
0.06 0.028885 132 218 munmap
0.06 0.028426 5 4741 lseek
0.03 0.013471 20 653 653 getxattr
0.02 0.010197 13 774 getdents64
0.01 0.004756 7 653 lstat
0.01 0.003823 9 400 192 ioctl
0.01 0.003781 71 53 pread64
0.01 0.003321 13 255 fstatfs
0.01 0.003152 5 551 mprotect
0.01 0.003147 11 268 mmap
0.00 0.000982 17 56 clone3
0.00 0.000674 84 8 brk
0.00 0.000627 3 160 fstat
0.00 0.000609 10 56 sendmsg
0.00 0.000600 10 56 pipe2
0.00 0.000438 5 85 fcntl
0.00 0.000278 2 106 106 fgetxattr
0.00 0.000095 6 15 recvfrom
0.00 0.000050 1 29 times
0.00 0.000047 3 15 getrandom
0.00 0.000003 0 4 fchdir
0.00 0.000000 0 2 rt_sigreturn

100.00 48.691793 21 2250186 328271 total

Ive had some positive results in Lutrus turning off fsync and just using esync. Ill keep everyone updated.

using ubuntu

base wine
wine --version
wine-8.12 (Staging)

with dxvk 2.2

I reverted to nvidia server 525
xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-525/lunar-security,lunar-updates,now 525.125.06-0ubuntu0.23.04.1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
because server 535 had random crashes.

with vsync off on jita undock:

it seems like anti-aliasing:high and shadow:high uses a lot of CPU (I hear the fan) so I turn it off.

with max settings on jita undock

I remove logs to file because on my previous rig it produces HIGH load after a while, like the log was in-memory and rewritten every 2s instead of flushing the new entries. Made the game literally unplayable after… 1h ?

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Noticing similar issues recently when multiboxing (i run 10 clients). CPU usage and temperature extremely high even for clients that are idling in station or with gfx turned off (ctrl-shift-f9).

I’m having some success throttling fps to 30 with mangohud. On steam “set launcher option”:
MANGOHUD_CONFIG=no_display,fps_limit=30 mangohud %command%

My CPU usage and temperature are lower now.

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So I’m running Steam’s Proton Experimental, DX11 in Launcher and “Download Full Game” enabled. Zero issues on my Ryzen 7 5700x. Even joined a huge fleet of 180+ people in null.

I think the CPU requirements of this game just got bumped up a lot.

#1 for me. Have been running on Ubuntu + Steam-Proton for a while and all is well. Except for yesterday. Not sure what happened but Eve is no longer producing sound…at all. So, problem solving that. But gameplay is fine.

Thank you for the hint!

I’ve had similar symptoms after upgrading from 22.10 to 23.04

  1. CPU usage for Eve (tq\bin64\exefile.exe) process had rise up to 600% (6 cores system) - usage got bumped after some actions inside interface, like visiting skills page, trading system or in-game store.
  2. Same top of calls for strace


  • Ubuntu 23.10 (pre release), kernel 6.3.0-7-generic
  • nvidia-driver-535, version 535.104.05-0ubuntu2
  • Steam + Proton 7.0-6

I’ve got stable CPU usage only after disabling both - esync + fsync. Here is the command template for Steam:


Disabling just fsync was not enough for my setup.

Regarding Lutris:

  • tried Lutris with lutris-GE-Proton8-13
  • only disabling both esync and fsync gave me stable CPU usage

thx !
Using WINEESYNC=0 WINEFSYNC=0 before my command seems to have improved CPU usage a LOT. Before with two accounts on it was noisy, now with four I don’t even hear the fan.
Although the CPU usage is still the same in top.

I wonder why though.

Great find!
By using the command above my fps stopped tanking when visiting the store or doing PI . :smiley:

I also tried WINEESYNC=0 WINEFSYNC=0 %command% but didn’t do anything for me.

That’s for wine, not for proton, not for steam.
Also I use “my command” not %command%

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Works for me with steam and last proton without bigger problems.
I get some post-processing tearing, which is only noticeable in the stations.
If run sandboxed with firejail, the client tends to crash, so I wouldn’t recommend it without further analyzing it.

Anyone tried to install client with PortProton builtin function?
After installing launcher I have seen it’s window for a second with login|passowrd fields and then it just disappeared. I tried using different Proton versions both LG and GE, both stable and new “vulkan+dxvk” driver set, changed Esync|Fsync opts as described - everything without positive results. Every time I see “CCP” icon for 2-3 seconds and that’s it.
I have Ubuntu 22.04 up-to-date and latest PortProton. Ryzen5/16Gb/Nvidia1060@535driver

upd. Continuing my experiments. I browsed through installed files via proton/wine file browser. Start of eve.exe gave the behavior as described. “Launcher.exe” also displayed only logo but it didn’t disappear. While trying to figure out something I checked my internet connection. There appeared fast download process though it started without any visible notice. With time it finished and then I had to manually close everything proton-related. The result is good - Eve launcher starts now and also the game itself.

The traditional “the launcher you downloaded is actually the launcher’s launcher and needs to download the launcher to launch it”.
Don’t worry, the launcher also needs to download things …

(This makes sense though, it’s safer to have the binaries be downloaded from a secure program than a browser)

ok so I forgot this, but I have an issue since a few months : The camera angle is locked when I am multiboxing.

I believe the setting file that I shared among my toons ( core_user_XXX.dat ) now also contains the camera angle ?

I multibox 5 accounts… no problems looking around. (I have focus issues with the ALT key, but alt tabbing tends to correct it), but I dont use those shared settings myself, for some idiotic reason… the eve profile system doesnt allow me to use a general profile for my alts as it used to, now I have a profile for each account :confused:

Usually you have one core_user per toon. I linked the main one in the upper dir then did a linked instead of the other toon files (so they all link to the same inode)

What about the danger of being banned? I don’t want to lose my account because the anti cheat sees Linux as a danger.

I’ve not heard of this happening with Eve on Wine/Linux. I suspect if CCP see a report from anti-cheat systems that they look at the users in-game behaviour before blocking the user.

The typical FPS rapid reactions, screen highlighting, type add-in isn’t as applicable to Eve gameplay - the issue here is input automation and botting. That’s something that can see through the logs more easily than by client inspection.

I’ve played Eve on Linux for almost ten years now. It’s not even raised its head as an issue.

I am having this very problem right now! Did you ever solve it?

Recently if I am single boxing everything works fine. If I open a 2nd toon at the same time, the camera for both of them gets “stuck” where it kindof moves but bounces back to a center point. If I close one of the clients the camera of the remaining one goes back to normal. I have tried all kinds of settings, changing wine version, etc and it won’t go away.

Nope. Also made a ticket but it’s difficult to prove.