Eve Launcher CPU uses

I’ve noticed after the patch today that the eve launcher is roaring with 55-60% of my cpu used. This is less than the 5 clients i’m running? a few reports say it might die down after a while but it’s held steady for 10 minutes.

Anyone else being eaten alive? :slight_smile: Thanks @Wibla for pointing this out.

Same issue about 85% CPU usage drops to 35% when I close the launcher

Same here, but when i go to the config menu usage drop to 0%

same. it’s bumping cpu up to 70-80%, though not constantly. last time i closed and reopened it, there was no problem until i had closed/reopened it again later.

Since CPU power varies wildly between computers, let’s put it in relative terms: The launcher is using 50-65% of my CPU, while a single EVE client is using 8-13% of it.

I’m not saying that it would make more sense the other way round, but it would definitely make more sense the other way round.

We’ll look into reverting the animation in the morning. In the meantime enabling hardware rendering in the settings menu & restarting the launcher will significantly reduce CPU load.

85/90% here. QA dont try it ?

Thank you for the reply however hardware rendering is disabled. I should have included that in my post.

This is correct, the issue only applies to users who do not use hardware rendering, as such I’m suggesting to enable hardware rendering to resolve this issue, until such time as we have removed the animations.

I have hardware rendering enabled, on an admittedly fairly old machine, and this issue still increases my CPU usage considerably. I have found that minimising the launcher cuts the CPU right down though. This is on Linux, can’t speak for any other op-sys.

The animations have been removed, apologies for any inconvenience.

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Can confirm that’s fixed the CPU issue for me :+1:

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