Eve launcher not closing, using a lot of CPU

So I have run into a interesting problem where when I close the eve launcher, it isn’t relegated to the system tray and doesn’t show up on the task manager. But after trying to figure out why my fans were going so hard, I spotted the Eve launcher in my resource monitor sucking up my CPU. When I ended the the process in resource monitor my PC went back to normal.

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I’ve seen this too, on Linux/WINE. Doesn’t happen every time, but often enough that I check for it if things slow down.

I have almost the same problem. It’s been happening just for a few days.
I have the application “Launcher for Eve Online (32bits)” that doesn’t close correctly.
It’s not in the taskbar nor in the notification area, but Steam still indicates that I’m playing Eve.

I have to use my task manager to kill the program.

However, mine doesn’t seem to be burning CPU resources.

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Having same issue as Laureline which started few days ago. (Though my 0% CPU utilization doesn’t align w/thread title) the ‘launcher’ gets ‘stuck’ open after closing it and I have to End Task via Task Mgr. Then (sometimes) can’t re-open the client until I reboot.

Tried repairing permissions and a verify, didnt help.
Not sure how to provide logs…

Noticed that more than a week ago tbh. Prolly should have filed a bug report.

Same issue here, started couple days ago, eating loads of CPU. The launcher also forgets all my accounts, need to restart PC to fix.

Really annoying.

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