Launcher remains in RAM after closing

I just noticed a strange issue with the current launcher:

After I close all Eve clients I usually also close the launcher (doing this last). Now I just realized that all past instances of the launcher, that I closed over the past few days (since last reboot) were still in the list of task running. one launcher instance even used up 50% of CPU - thats how i initially noticed…

I reboot the system, start the launcher, start a few clients, close the clients, close the launcher - but it remains in RAM using a lot of CPU.

The launcher only remains loaded, when i start clients from it. if i just close the launcher directly after opening it, it removes itself just fine from memory.

Any ideas?

Edit: No, turns out I was wrong about the last part. The Launcher DOES remain loaded (and maxing out a CPU core) even if i just launch it and immediately close it again.

edit 2: running windows 10. problem persists after a clean restart. BUT: one out of maybe 10 tries, the launcher actually closes correctly and is no longer active as a task. (or it hides really well…)


Same issue here. I tend to hawk my computers resources and noticed this the other day. Seems like someone inserted some malicious code and is now coin mining to me. (I’m totally kidding, (or am I?))

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Hello, have this effect too. Using linux evelauncher version 1531417 on Manjaro Linux and Debian 9. After closing the user interface the evelauncher process are still running and if i start evelauncher again (Option Close to Systray disabled), he spawn a new process without closing the remaining processes. If this behaviour is not intended i think its a bug in evelauncher 1531417. @CCP_Falcon, @CCP_Bartender

P.S. Just updated to version 1532453, nothing changed, the same behaviour.

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Same here, only way to clear is end task in taskmanager.

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True. On Linux do the command killall evelauncher the same job.


just checked: newest version 6.1.12 still has that problem.

i also dont understand why the launcher sometimes grows to more than 600mb (normally some 130mb) and maxes out a core just while sitting in the background.


Me too - although it doesn’t happen every time.

Evelauncher updated to version 1533170 on Manjaro Linux and Debian 9, linux launcher used.
Everything works again, thanks to @CCP_Bartender, @CCP_Falcon :slight_smile:

There is actually a partial fix in 1532453 but when you run the update, the broken version you just upgraded from leaves running threads in the background, so even though it may be fixed for you it doesn’t seem that way until you reboot or run a killall.

There’s a second step to this fix which I hope to release this evening, and the same potential caveat applies.

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