Launcher process stays running


For awhile now my launcher will stay running in the background even after closing it. I have to Control-Alt-Delete it for it to close. This happened on my laptop and my Desktop and after a re-install that I did a few months ago. Is this being worked on?

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Make sure that isnt tic’d

That part works correctly. I’m talking about if I right click on it in the tray and click Exit. The icon in the tray disappears, no icon on task bar. It’s should be closed at that point. Then I go to relaunch it and it states it cannot open Eve due to Eve already running. I open my task manager and find the process still running even though I exited out of it.

Same problem here.
Doesn’t take much ram (111mb out of 32gb), but still, it doesn’t close properly.

Win 7 64bit

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