Launcher 1770799 | 6.4.14

Greetings pilots,

I am experiencing an issue whereby the launcher version in subject does not terminate correctly when closed for both the standalone UI variant and the steam UI variant.

When launched, there seems to be an additional 32-bit subprocess named “Qt Qtwebengineprocess” that is executed. When completely logged out (fresh installation), two of these subprocesses are apparent.

However, the fault seems to be when closing the launcher via the window close button. When actioned, the “Qt Qtwebengineprocess” is terminated and the EVE Launcher process is moved from App category to Background process and does not terminate.


As a result, Steam still sees the application as running and the launcher cannot be stopped or restarted unless the previous process is terminated manually. The standalone client will also not “launch” when executed until the previous process has been manually terminated via the task manager.


The fault also prevents Steam from shutting down safely, it attempts to wait for the EVE Launcher process to close down but gets stuck doing so, again until it is ended manually.

This is the first time that I have experienced this issue and only recently, possibly after an update.

Microsoft Windows 10 Build 18362.19h1 release 190318-1202

Follow Up

After shutting down the OS for the day and starting up the second day, the issue is no longer apparent. This makes me suspect the OS is affecting things, again. I have been observing a lot of oddities with MSW-10 for a while now - things like the power configuration resetting to 15 minutes when I had set it to never.

I guess the above report is negative, but worth knowing exists to some degree.

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