AAR: Launcher fails to load after being closed in Secondary Screen

I have a dual screen setup and have been having issues with the launcher, this one took me a while to understand. Just as info:

  1. I play using the client installed from Steam.
  2. I have Nvidia GTX 970
  3. Using latest Nvidia Driver (445.75 at the time)
  4. Running Windows 10 (1903)

Re-producable problem:

  1. Move launcher to secondary screen
  2. Close launcher in secondary screen
  3. Launcher fails to load and ends up unresponsive showing a blank white box in lieu of the full launcher.
  4. Need to close evelauncher.exe and QTWebEngineProcess.exe for Steam to detect game has stopped.

My Solution:

  1. Make a backup of registry key by exporting Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CCP\EVE to a temp folder
  2. Delete registry key value LauncherWindowGeometry in Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CCP\EVE
  3. Launcher now starts properly on the primary screen

Disclaimer: Do not modify registry keys if you don’t know what you’re doing! Ask someone with insight first if it would help in your case!

My Notes:

  • Thanks to the EVELogLite.exe application in the EVE Online folder I was able to determine that the launcher was hanging at ‘Moving launcher window to foreground’
  • Since QTWebEngineProcess.exe was responsive during the crash I assumed it was a QT related issue and started googling around QT issues. Some of the keywords that caught my eye were; redrawing, overdrawing.
  • Other solutions from EVE Online posts mentioned deleting registry keys as a solution.
  • Looking back at EVELogLite.exe I saw that it was attempting ‘Setting geometry from registry value:’ before ‘Moving launcher window to foreground’
  • Put 2 and 2 together I deleted the registry value LauncherWindowGeometry and it started working again.

Confirmed, after delete the key LauncherWindowGeometry everything went back to normal

Hi, just changed the language from French to English, couldn’t connect to serveur anymore.

Did what the original post said, and it worked fine just after. Ty.

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