Steam client won't recognize launcher isn't running anymore

I closed the launcher to disconnect from the network since the game lost connection to the server and usually this is necessary, but now the Steam client keeps thinking the launcher is running anyway and therefore refuses to try and launch it again nor is it able to stop the application since there’s no application for it to stop. Usually I can solve this by rebooting, but there’s got to be a quicker way (if this happened while I was ratting I’d be dead before I could get back in)

check if evelauncher runs in taskmgr … i give 5 eur it is - there is a bug that for some people evelauncher dosen’t close properly

Huh, for some reason the launcher was still running as a background process instead of an app like it usually does

There is an error that for some people launcher doesn’t close properly - report a bug in

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