After HOT FIX patch , CPU 80% and GPU 50 % usage sitting on launcher

After HOT FIX patch , CPU 80% and GPU 50 % usage sitting on launcher, not even entered game, this is not normal for me.


CPU will go down to 0 % If you minimize the lanucher so that you can’t see the new animated sales plex button

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That’s pretty amazing. 23% CPU usage here for an animated button. Great job CCP


image , ccp fix this plz

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image , launcher using 3 time more cpu than the game , ffs

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People report it all over the place. It’s a fault in the 6.4.19 version. The culprit is the stupid pumpkin animation.


One good thing: These crap developers have forgotten to force push this crap update on the launcher like they always do. I have to manually download the launcher update, which is a good thing in this special case. Yay.

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I too have big problems with game performance after patching the game. Whats wrong?

Edit: closing launcher helped so far…

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After every fix/patch I verify file integrity from launcher and clear cache just to see if maybe it helps anything. …thanks ccp…

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Eve Launcher + Animated Pumpkin ~ 40% CPU utilization
10 Clients + OBS ~ 20% CPU Utilization

Not a good look.

At least minimizing the launcher reduces CPU usage back to normal levels.

Good thing that CCP introduced the Log Off feature so that you don’t need to have the launcher running all the time while it is a major threat to the environment. Obviously, CCP will take this as an excuse to not fix the launcher until the event is over.

Cool, they fixed it.

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Looks like it. Kinda curious how a simple animation managed to take up that much CPU time.

Can’t you close the launcher after loading your Eve Accounts?

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I like keeping it open in case one of my accounts DC’s. I only have to wait for the client to load, instead of launcher then client.

Back to ninetees! You know: before changeable screen resolution some games allowed you to improve framerate by reducing drawable image on the screen :grin:

Nice times…

CCP: Do you think they’ll catch on to the CPU miner we disguised as a launcher?

PA: Nah it’ll be good fam


It’s python and Qt. That’s gonna eat through your cycles when you don’t know better.
I’m pretty sure they’d actually had been able to create a more efficient launcher faster if they had used Delphi or Larazus,
which are two versions of the best visual RAD tools available.

But the best part about threads like this one …
… is that the problem can easily be solved by simply closing the launcher.

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