CPU spikes rendering game unplayable

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I’ve copied this thread from my Reddit thread. I have a 6700K and a 1080TI. I should be able to run a single client of this game without any issues.

I will play for a little while, and then randomly, it will spike to 100%ish CPU usage. This causes my entire system to stutter, audio to stutter, etc. It will go away for a bit, then come back for 5-10 seconds, then go away, etc.

Has anyone found a solution to this? With the age of the game it makes it very difficult to search for solutions. I just installed the game completely fresh after years of not playing, last night.

I was suggested to check the launcher for the option to download everything. This turns off streaming assets. It solved the issue for a period of time, but it has come back again.

I am currently playing the game with audio turned off, so it is not an audio issue. I’ve run through everything I can, and as best as I can tell, EVE is the culprit.

There are days I can play with ZERO issues, even with another (entirely different) game open, or multiple clients. Then there are days like today where just idling in space somewhere, I get spikes to 90% CPU usage, and 5-10 second entire computer freezes.

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Sounds it’s an issue with your computer, if eve suddenly spikes up cpu usage sometimes then your system isn’t allocating resources correctly. Might be a virus or outdated software

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Are you leaving the launcher running ? I was having odd performance/hanging issues (running on Linux under Wine) and eventually cured them by killing the launcher as soon as the client was up and running.

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