Framerate lag spikes

I have no idea why this is happening. Single client mostly occurring while in combat. This occurs in a repeating pattern every 1-2 minutes continuously.


Have you checked if other processes are competing with EVE for CPU or GPU resources?

Simple way is to just open up the Process tab of the Task Manager, order by CPU or GPU usage, and see if something jumps to the top during those periods.

I have closed many tasks that were using GPU, made no difference. I updated numerous drivers with no change, I even went so far as to reset my OS with and do a fresh EVE install after re-updating all drivers. I still have the lag.

I get this type of lag whenever i open a window. It’s acting as if a windows is being opened/updated continuously. Still trying to narrow it down. The problem seemed to go away after resetting the OS, until I hoped in my carrier and went ratting.

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When i adjust the size of the name list in my chat channel the frame rate stays at 1 fps. I do it sometimes for fun. :grin:

Seems odd but it’s something to try to adjust.

Another screenshot after disabling more application which may interfere with it. When the drop occurs, the screen lags at 0 frames for maybe 0.2 seconds. The big lags are the screen freezing for almost a full second. I’m out of options at this point. Nothing else is running except the game on a fresh OS and EVE install.

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Just wanted to add, that I’ve begun having these spikes as well. Mine however sometimes last up to 5 seconds. I’ve been keeping an eye on my entire system, and there’s no problem with either of my GPU’s, neither my CPU. I however noticed that most of the spikes appear, as soon as the sound from an exploding ship is about to occur. I can’t confirm this 100%, but the past 4 times, this seems to have been the issue. I’m currently experimenting with trying to swap to “Interval Immediate”. This has so far (For about 9 hours) fixed the spikes, I will however keep you updated on this for the next couple of days.
I’m currently running with a GTX 660 (PhysX Dedicated) and a GTX 760, which have worked to perfection in the past. Problems started happening for me within the past 3 weeks (Where an update to Nvidia Experience has happened). Since this does affect my sound system, I have a feeling that this is where the problem might lie. This is just pure speculation though, but I will keep you posted during the next couple of days.

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Another image of PerfMon showing the GPU utilization while in combat. I would really like to hear any suggestions CCP may have that I have not already tried.


After taking a few missions, the lag spikes have reappeared. It only happens the second a ship is blown up, which might be a conclusion to, that the problem is either within the trigger sound of the explosion, or the Overview HUD. I will keep you posted on any updates.

can you try

  1. going in potato mode
  2. switching to previous drivers (GPU and audio)

You can try turning off full screen optimization as it seems to be causing lag and freezes for some users.

  • Open the folder eve\sharedcache\tq\bin
  • Right click the exefile.exe select properties
  • Select the compability tab.
  • Under Settings, tick the Disable full screen optimization.
  • Click apply.
  • Run the game and see if the issue is resolved.

Make sure you do not have thousands of logs for EVE Online in your documents folder as that can cause lag. Make sure your Shared cache resource files a verified as corrupt shared cache files can cause lag.

  • Start Launcher
  • Click on open settings.
  • Click on shared cache settings.
  • Click on verify.

Hope this helps.


I had a little bit different issue. Fullscreen Windowed mode, Interval One and it would drop frames all over the place. Disabling full screen optimization completely fixed it. Thank you.

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EVE is currently unplayable for me due to stuttering. This video shows what is occurring, mostly during combat which is obviously debilitating:
It’s fairly easy to replicate the problem by engaging NPCs.
Note: this is on TQ.
Another note: I ungrouped my guns in an attempt to cause the issue to be more pronounced… I wanted to be sure to capture the problem… it appears to happen when damage is being applied… something to do with the client updating information about the targets… maybe it’s related to the combat notifications (like hit messages) or the log maybe?
Edit: one more things I just noticed is that while I’m making circles with my mouse, you can see that my cursor continues to move while the rest of the client freezes… if you watch it, you can see even more clearly what type of freezing is happening.
Yet another bit of added info: warning, I’m extremely salty/emo for more than one reason, but here is a stream that I had to abort after troubleshooting for about 20mins. This link is timestamped to the moment that I realize the stuttering is still present:

My full story as far as I can remember:
I played several sessions after the initial Onslaught patch without issue. A few days later, I updated my nVidia drivers. I’m fairly sure that I had at least one session on SiSi after updating nVidia without issue, but shortly after that, I noticed the problem for the first time while running abyssal sites (on SiSi) for testing purposes. My first instinct was to quit all other applications, including end-tasking everything I could identify as non-critical, I also verified the EVE cache via the launcher. This did not solve the problem. So I decided to check TQ since I thought that maybe SiSi had a rough build. To my relief, the issue was not present on TQ… and then, to my confusion, when I went back to SiSi right after, the issue was gone from SiSi as well… this made me think that some kind of shared cache/files were updated by my logging into TQ… in my mind, this eliminated the new nVidia driver as the cause, since the problem had come and gone without me doing anything nVidia-related… However, the problem is now back and is present on TQ. I tried the suggestions of “Disable Full Screen Optimization” and tried setting “Interval Immediate” with no luck. I’ve also verified the cache again, as well as used the in-game options to clear the entire cache and clear the mail cache. I’m out of ideas now… I was thinking I would have to format my entire PC, but a previous post on this thread said they tried that and it didn’t even work :frowning:
This is the first time (as far as I can remember) that I’ve had a game-stopping issue with the EVE client in over 12 years.

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I would love to see a Loglite of your session. I can not reproduce this lag on my side but I can clearly see it in your video. I would like to see what is happening in the background.

If you could do another session like that but with Loglite running and then file a support ticket under technical and attach the Loglite file to it I’d be happy to take a look at it.

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I’ve had some slowing, then my game crashed.
Had not happend to me for a looong time.

I guess it’s related tothe number of systems I traveled to. I made like 150 jumps before it crashed.

@GM_Mechanic Thanks for your attention to my issue. I would be overjoyed to help contribute to a solution. I have submitted a ticket with a log file and an accompanying video.

Hello, i’m not a big fan of typing in forums BUT, this video that is being shown of the stuttering is the EXACT same thing that have started recently at my place.

I was scratching my head at first, new computer, have been working like a charm and suddenly it goes short freeze during combat. Outside of combat I see no difference or stuttering.

So I hope for a good solution here, this ain’t even slightly fun.


I will start LogLite and have the stuttering during a NPC fight to send in also. If you see any difference.

For me, it’s a big time sink to pursue issues on forums, and I usually don’t bother, but I’m really happy to hear that I’m helping to confirm an issue that is not unique to myself. This means a fix should be possible for us. CCPLZ

Had no issue whatsoever, made a few missions, then this.


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