High FPS or Low FPS. Or VSR

Greetings, I am having a couple issues. I recently got and am running an ASUS Arez Vega 64 video card in my system. However I’m either not getting the FPS I would like under the Interval One setting (and getting some drops here and there). Or under the Interval Immediate setting I’m getting like 300+ FPS and getting some ridiculous coil wine from my GPU. There seems to be no middle ground in the options for me. I am running a 144hz 2560x1080 BenQ monitor and would ideally like to be at around 144 FPS. I have tried limiting the FPS in the Radeon settings, tried Radeon Chill, etc with Interval Immediate on and have had little to no success. I’ve also tried utilizing the Virtual Super Resolution feature to render the game in a much higher resolution and then downscale to 2560x1080, however when I do this it completely cuts off part of the screen and makes the game unplayable. Any suggestions or workarounds would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Your drops in fps might be related to Framerate lag spikes i doubt you have the same issue as me so ^^. If you come across stuttering at high speed then your issue might be related to mine but i doubt it with a card like that.

Every time when gpu wouldn’t follow interval one preset with corresponding FPS was driver issue for me two options
Other thing you can try check monitor settings energy saving etc display ports can be different gen if more than one present…
Disable radeon chill/frame pacing
Down cloak monitor refresh rate to 120mhz via radeon drivers not monitor it self and see will gpu respond.

Ok thanks for the replies, I’m going to try some of these options now. Ik the AMD drivers since I got the Vega 64 have been… weird to say the least. I’m going to try another clean install and see how that goes.

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