Freesync and FPS throttling

So the addition of Freesync & Variable Refresh Rate support is great, but something I really disliked about the Devblog was the final section, you know, the bit where your supposed to be shown how to take advantage of it. The first parts did a great job of giving us all the rundown on what it does. But the part we all wanted just got a lackluster explanation of, turn on VRR in windows, and look at your AMD/Nvidia settings…

I say this as I have in the past spent time trying to get rid of screen tear and stuttering in games, in most games its a simple case of having a FPS limit cap and making sure V-sync is turned off, but as eve has no FPS limiter, and the dev blog doesn’t explain whether turning on V-sync will actually be the right way to take advantage of Freesync, I feel like i’m at a loss? Maybe i’m dumb and just don’t know how it works, but, this is kind of my point, I wanted a better explanation for this feature!

Second point which has also been a gripe of mine since it changed a few months back, but FPS throttling on inactive clients, when your using a dual monitor setup and you switch from one client to another the games actively throttling clients, in my case this is actually really unhelpful for the content I’m running, I want to be able to see everything happening on both screens the best my hardware can manage it. This never used to be the case and I would love to go back to it honestly, or have the option to throttle if I want too.

I got rid of some UI stuttering by turnning off the UI sounds, what’s the science behind it? I have no idea.

To be honest ive had very little issues with the UI, and this complaint has pretty much nothing to do with the UI either, ive been running photon for several months now no issues.

I was talking about the old UI, I started running Photon just yesterday and I loved this UI!

It’s so easy to read everything, its much lighter, the Fitting window is much faster, I’m loving this new UI even with little padding issues and resize issues… I can deal with resizing issues.

It’s readable and fast, loving it

Are you runnin EVE-O?

Burn Photon

Yeah i get the issue with or without EVE O =(

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