FPS Throttling Fix for Multi-Monitor Setups

Is there a fix in the works for disabling FPS throttling in setups with multiple monitors? I understand the concept behind FPS throttling windows that are not focused on single display setups. However, in multiple monitor setups, this severely degrades the overall experience. Having a window that looks great at 165 FPS and the other drop to 50 FPS just ends up creating a slide show experience.

  • I have tried overriding this setting in nvidia control panel, but EVE seems to ignore this.
  • I also have “Disable Fullscreen Optimizations” disabled in Windows.
  • Game Mode is disabled as well.

My suggested fix:
Disable FPS throttling on clients that have had the most recent focus on the display adapter assigned to that EVE client. So if you have 2 clients on the same display adapter, only the most recent one to have focus has FPS throttling disabled.

Client 1 - NVIDIA GeForce 3090 Ti 1 → FPS Throttling: None
Client 2 - NVIDIA GeForce 3090 Ti 2 → FPS Throttling: None
Client 3 - NVIDIA GeForce 3090 Ti 2 → FPS Throttling: Not Focused

EG: These are two different clients running on their own dedicated displays. Neither of them should have FPS throttling. Also, you can see that my hardware is more than capable of running both clients at 100+ FPS.

Only via the driver software, if at all. Ingame, VSync only limits the FPS to the refresh rate of the monitor.

It’s not possible right now to have a client on a second display run at that display’s refresh rate if the primary display client has focus, and vice versa. Vsync and drivers have nothing to do with this issue. It is a software design choice CCP made that doesn’t take into account multi-monitor players’ game experience.