Interval settings

what is that thing in graphics options? whats the difference in those settings??

Interval Presets are frame rate limits. It’s just Eve being fancy with words and stuff. I forget what each one was, but one is 60 FPS, another is 30, and another just unlocks the frame rate so you card runs at 100%…I think. Been a long time since I messed with it. In game, hit CTRL+F to pull up your FPS meter and change the presets to see what it does. Pretty sure immediate is the “run your card like a slave” mode.

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It doesn’t lock it to 60 or 30. It locks it to the framerate that your screen can do, for example for me they are unlocked, 144 and 60 hz


Ah, gotcha. Forget what I said, this is the correct answer. I had forgotten that it’s tied to your monitors’ refresh rates. There used to be like five different settings, Interval Immediate and Intervals 1-4 last I looked at that dropdown.

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