Simple fix for duel box dx12 fps Nvidia

Fix for multi boxing on one screen or more. Set Vync to on in Nvidia control panel. this will stop dx12 running off with one screen high fps other very low fps. My 1080ti was running at none stop 100%. Now its down to 60% with 2 boxes. fps good on one being locked to my screens fps of 144. The other around 36fps which is better the 3fps lol. I can play with both toons running again. Can increase more by lowering settings which i was not willing do lol. hope this helps others. Or just untick dx12 in launcher this will set to dx11 instead works for some not all


Are you using interval one?

Arn’t most gragpics cards installed on the inside though?

No im using immediate made no difference setting it to one so set it back.

They are not sure what you are asking. The Vsync is in the Nvidia control panel that installs with the drivers

Inside my head type of joke. I know it read interval and I think there is a setting somewhere to set it to pause 5ms or something without looking it up.

Maybe there is a way to force screen refresh rate at 60fps on both screens only when you play eve that way you can just use interval 1 and should be fine.

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