Stuttering Graphics

I play Eve on 2 monitors (although also have a 3rd monitor doing non graphc intensive things like having dotlan open.

When using 2 eve client I get stuttering graphics, even if i am just ratting. I am loathe to turn the graphic quality down as I like the visuals of eve.

What I have noticed is when using the FPS monitor in game, the frame rate goes up (90FPS+) on the monitor that is “active” and drops to between 17-30 FPS on the other monitor. This frame rate will fluctuate between those sets of numbers as i click on the screen of each monitor, is this normal?

My graphics on both clients are set to the below, The Graphics card is old so may be that, or could it be a setting thing?


Change that to “interval one”

Also, turn off windows game mode, its bad for multiboxing

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Ill give that a go, thanks

EDIT: Frame rate drop slightly but no where near as much, thanks for the tips

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