Upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and now my EVE clients use 100% of CPU

The game requirements clearly state something like “windows 10 or better…”

-> Ubuntu

Except you’re wrong.

I’ve done a fresh install of windows 7 and with 12 clients logged in I get 30-40% cpu usage. With Windows 10 and 12 clients logged in i got 95-100% cpu usage.

In Windows 7 an eve client uses about 3-4% of my total cpu. In Windows 10 an eve client uses from 6-10% of my cpu per client and I regularly saw it go even higher.

There’s clearly something not right about the situation. This could be affecting other people too, just they didn’t realise it. I noticed it because I was running many clients in Windows 7 and when made the jump to windows 10 the CPU usage of the EVE clients went up by more than double.

There’s nothing else in the background using up any meaningful amount of CPU.

Found something that doesn’t make sense. My CPU temps are the same now, at 35-40% cpu usage on Windows 7 as the CPU temps were on the Windows 10 machine at 95-100% usage. That’s not right is it? When at that much higher usage, the temps should be higher too. They’re not, temps are the same.

Does that suggest something weird is going on with my supposed cpu usage figures being displayed by Windows 10? ?In windows 10, Speedfan was registering much lower cpu usage of around 40%. Which is in line with my cpu usage reported by both Speedfan and Windows 7 task manager in windows 7.

Can it be that windows 10 task manager is wrong about my cpu usage being 95-100%? I wasn’t experiencing slow down from it either. And cpu temp was the same as i’m getting now in Windows 7 with same amount of clients logged in but running at 40% cpu usage.

With 3 accounts, maximum settings and Windows 10 1903 I’m seeing 15% CPU with a AMD Ryzen 5 3600. Most of the workload is on the GPU (an older Radeon RX 570)

Same Problem here.

i updated from Win10 1809 to 1903 some weeks ago.
Before i had no Problem with 4 Clients running on an Core i5 2500, 16GB DDR3.
I got 100% on every Core. Input Lags and other strange Things… but only in EVE.

So i changes the Setup to an i7-2600k. Same Situtaion with 8 Core.
If i was docked every CPU has about 40-50% Load.
After undocking and get more NPC an the Screen the Load of the Core get up to 90-100% on alle 8 Threads…

Tomorrow i will try an Ryzen 5 2600 … then we will see.
I use the 64Bit Client. So is there a Problem withe 64 Bit Client, or do we have a Problem with the 64bit Client with Windows 1903 ? Or is this a Problem after the Meldtdown Patch for Windows.

ps.: My Notebook with an i5-7300HQ and 16DDR4 has also the Problem. Only works fine with two Clients with an 80% CPU Load.

ps.: Second:
We all know we get an Performance breakdown after the meltdown & spectre Patches.
So everything before 2015 (2nd - 5th Intel Generation ) has a Performance loss about 5-10%
I will also test the Situation with 32Bit Clients again … i changed to 64 bit Client since it is BETA.

Let us know if changing to the AMD cpu fixes it.

Here we go…
4 Clients on an ASUS B450 Pro / Ryzen 5 2600 Six Core CPU with an RX 580 4GB DUAL OC
Client Settings are High / Medium Graphics.
I am in Space in an ICE Belt … (moderate Graphics load)

If i am Docket Graphig Card hast About 50% Load

I put down the clock in the Moment, because the RX580 get with Full power up to 82c°

So if you can see, with the newer Plaform, there is not the Problem.
Can also other Post there stats ?

Try to Switch EVE into DX9 mode. Maybe this will solve your Problem. You can do it in EVE starter at options.

so this thread is 9 days old and we still dont even know the TO´s specs? i m not sure how into hardware some people around here are but most of the stuff i m reading is like complete nonsense. same as the calles “huuuge meltdown performance loss” talk going on. that we even still need to talk about it. try to use google, google helps. you ll find TONS on benchmarks, and those performance hits in real life applications is in fact so small that most users dont even notice any difference in performance. so if you cant even run half your clients now than you could before its 100% not some spectre thing i can guarantee you. we have no spec whatsoever, have no idea how you set up your pc (i simply assume you dont really spend much time on since from my experience on other peoples pc issues i m solving… lets say 8/10 times i boot up their pc and there is still candy crush saga installed…thats how optimized their machines are running) yes windows 10 as a flat out fresh install is a big big malware wich awful to use and sluggish, but if you want to, you can fix that but it takes time. i m talking about like 2 hours of just windows setup after install before its even ready to use.

heck we dont even know any details on your issue at all, thats why i m kinda amused on all those “trial and error” solutions here. how did you upgrade to windows 10, did you hit the upgrade button and just flat out installed it over? did you wiped out everything to have a real clean install and not just an update? what about your bios settings, more often than not if you reinstall your system from scratch a bios tend to reset settings like overclocks ram timings and xmp profiles. how are your temperatures overall? how is your pc looking from inside, do you have one of those dustcollecting birdnest cable pc´s or do you keep it in shape. what about thermal compound. what gpu do you have and what driver do you have installed. do you run 1903 or 1809? Do you simply update your gpu drivers and include crap like GFE or do you actually run DDU to make sure you start on a fresh state everytime you make changes. Did you flash your mb´s bios because (to come back to the spectre meltdown thingy) …most of that for most people not even noticable maybe performance drop does not even propperly apply without an bios flash since all manufacturers were told to get a new version asap with an spectre meltdown microcode update. there are so many variables that could be the problem or even a combination of some…

also dont use taskmanager. Taskmanager means almost nothing since its not even accurate at displaying stuff. Tastmanager wont even show your correct clockspeeds. use stuff like msi afterburner to measure fps and for general hardware monitoring, there are things like cpuz gpuz hwmonitor, coretemp and so on


i m actually kinda tired of that meltdown fearmongering around, i mean the entire rest of the internet has realized that it was more bark than bite in actual performance but i guess people around here dont use the internet that often

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i once had a rx580 here for some test benchmarks and these things will stay really cool actually. the trick is that its baseline vcore and tempcurve simply isnt optimal. in wattman you can undervolt that 580 by alot and still keep the same clocks while at the same time rising the fan curve a little more agressively. the one i had for testing was around 80degrees all stock and wasnt even hitting 60 with undervoltage and better fan curves (even the boost clocks where more stable while on the standard settings the highest boost wasnt running at a 100%)

Nice… thx for the info.

There was a problem with the 19.7.2 Driver so i had other Boost Timings at 2,2 Ghz. (RAM Clock) and the WattMan made problems. These are gone with the older Radeon 19.5.2 Drivers … only 2. ghz boost, but more stable.

I buy it cheap so … 50€ are not the World for an used RX580 :wink:

There are perfomrance losses in the high end. (read the MS TechNet and Heise.de artikel… )
Yes you will never feel it. I know that, there are such many variables are here. I am not a Programmer, but SysAdmin and NetworkAdmin.

What i can say is, i have the same shitty problem with some PCs in the work, after the MS Patches. I dont have the Patch number in the Mind.

So do you have something to say for a solution for the TO’s or something what is usefull ?
Keep it Simple …

and how i read the OT posting, he is more like a normal allday user.
And you have to speak / write with him like with normal 08/15 People.

Normal i used CPU-Z / GPU-Z / CPU-ID. Core Temp … thats my favorite tools … the Win10 Taskmanger is not so bad. For the first look enought.

So, is it confirmed that older CPU’s and Windows 10 will suffer a performance hit and that in Win7 the hit is not felt? (I might try Win7 then if assumption is correct)

You can also switch back to 32 bit eve cllient if your computer takes too much of a hit.

Good question, i never tried it out to move back… only to look back XD

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