Please add Interval Two/Three to windowed mode

I’m playing in windowed mode and load up to 4 characters.
The GPU usage and temperature is spiking since every game window not minimized is being rendered at full FPS.
If you switch to fullscreen you have the options to limit FPS via Intervals, but windowed lacks this nice feature.

Please allow Intervals 2+3 to windowed mode.
Be mercifull to my GPU

Thank you.


Hmmm I have problems with my GPU temp and I run in windowed mode across 2x monitors. If the poster is correct then CCPlease fix!!

Um, is there not an option? I know for a fact that I’ve seen my FPS dip up or down depending on which client had focus. For me, that happened by default.

Oh, I play in fixed window, and use an auto hotkey script by Kuroro Lucifer to move my clients around.

Also, Eve Client Switcher by Laurinius might be worth checking out.

:eggplant:And yeah, it’s nice. I have 4k TV, so I can perfectly tile 4 1080p clients on it. :eggplant:

Yep, anything to reduce the processing in the inactive window would help, especially with the CPU usage under the 64-bit client. Maybe have a setting to enforce a max-fps that we could set when not in focus (say 10fps) or stop rendering certain things? Doesn’t have to happen by default either, I’m happy to have a toggle switch for “efficiency mode” or whatever they call it.

You can lower the priority in task manager and turn sound and music off.
Any other out-of-the-box solution would cut its connectivity.

Your only chance is fullscreen mode, or CCP implementing an artificial pause, yielding the threads, because refresh in windowed mode = desktop mode = tied to your global windows settings.

Okay, here’s a quick hack anyway: You’d need sound off and the client bound to a specific core, with another program running nothing but a continuous “pause” (that’s literally the cpu instruction) on endless loop until you terminate it, sending the core into sleep.

Setting this program to highest priority …
… pinning it to the same core as the client …
… and the client set to lowest priority …
… should absolutely reduce the temperature.

Running more of them on the same core would amplify the effect.
I can even write this. It’s literally two lines of assembly code.

Too bad there’s no debug program anymore …
… otherwise you could do it yourself! :smiley:

You can actually see those intervals. Just switch to full screen (or full screen window) and you’ll see interval two (which is 1/2 of your refresh rate), interval three, interval four.

You can setup this and they switch back to windowed mode and retain this setting.
But these settings will disappear in windowed. (

I’m pretty sure applications cannot set this except in a full screen mode, in windowed mode the OS controls it for all windows.

Games can limit the FPS (its not the same as monitor/screen refresh rate!) or not render certain things when they are out of focus. Eve already detects if it is in focus or not (the “mute audio when out of focus” setting) thus it is possible to lower some graphical settings and/or some other stuff as well to lessen the burden on GPU.

On the other side of the problem - making it easier to bot/multibox might not be something that CCP wishes to do.

CCP openly encourage players to have mutiple accounts via out of game events and “subscribe your alts to omega” events.
Mining, for instance, scales linearly with how many accounts you have.

But my GPU can accept only so much without overheating.

All I’m saying is that my:

  • other mining barges
  • cyno eyes in other systems monitoring neutrals
  • ears in WH

wll be okay with 1-8 FPS in background. No need to disable or du a full 60FPS rendering there.

Well, the quick solution is to upgrade GPU then. Or have several (portable) devices to run multiple EvE accounts.

1060 GTX 6GB
don’t know if 2080 will suffice )

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