New Docking Animation

While I like having invulnerability during the Docking animation, the sound and level of noise from it becomes unbearable when multi-boxing. I was hoping to have a feature to turn off the sound for this new feature.

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It needs to much time. About 30 sec for docking. and undocking failed fwith black screen for minutes. In a system with 22 chars in Local.

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works great in amarr though

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Can We Disable the New Docking Animation? :arrow_down:


me to the new animations are fooking with my pc so please can they be turned off

+1 !
If the new animation adds a little content and does not seem to reduce performance (Opinions at this level are very subjective) adding, at least, the ability to reduce the ambient sound in station would be, indeed, a “plus” for our comfort…

While CCP does not prohibit multi-boxing (within prescribed limits), it does not necessarily have to support them either. Opt out should be reserved for the least number of game features possible and I don’t think those specific to multi-boxing should ever be on that list.

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