Docking sound and sing - way to disable it. #CCPlease!


CCP can you make this sound and sing a disable thing in options. Never mind its buggy as hell but its cool thing to watch the first 2-3 times but after that its really annoying. I know that normally it should disapear after the docking timer but to be honest I normally do several other things in that time and its takes space on the screen.

Please make it an option that you can disable not a must have ■■■■ on screen.





+30 (Me and all my alts).


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if the docking sound annoys you that much, i bet you’re a great apartment neighbor on the slightest noise

I mean things like how to:

  1. accept other/new corporation members,
  2. set up a corporation hanger,
  3. set up a corporation area for the storage of BPOs & BPCs,
  4. set up a corporation area for skill books
  5. ETC…

Frankly, I don’t know enough to ask any more than that at this time.

Please point me to where I can learn this stuff, Please. I am desperate at this point.

Hwat? This is very random…

+10 here for me and my alts…
when you dock 10 characters at very close intervals the audio stacks and screeches very loudly into your ears :confused:

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