'Weapons timer' sounds, can they be turned off?

Hey all, I have fleet boosts that reset every minute. in the final 10 seconds they make an annoying beeping sound before restarting the cycle. Is there any way to turn these notifications of specifically? I want my other alarms and audio to keep working just that countdown timer every minute is driving me nuts.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

While that 1 minute weapons timer from boosting is active, you can’t dock in a station or citadel… or jump through a stargate… and other things, too. So the audible alarm is to remind you of that. And the ticking at the end is to let you know “hey, shut off the autocycling if you want to be able to dock or jump or etc, pilot!”

If you really want to remove that helpful warning… there’s probably a slider in the audio settings to turn it off or turn the volume down. But yeah, probably the same one that does shield/armor/hull/capacitor low alarms, too. We used to have an advanced audio setting mixer with like 20 or 30 sliders.

CCP said not enough people were using it to make it worth the audio team’s time each patch day to make sure everything was still working, so that’s why a lot of things are now grouped together in less total sliders. Still sad about that, think about it quite often. Before putting the chats/local on the cloud, I would have called it their #1 mistake, IMO… but now it’s #2 at best (worst?).

Best way I’ve found is to just turn down all the UI sounds. Not a good solution, but none of the other “advanced” audio options seem to target this specifically enough to be a better solution.

When you’re boosting a mining fleet for hours, that sound gets really really irritating, really really quickly :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input, totally agree though on both fronts. I get why it’s there. It’s just annoying, I work from home and have a little mining fleet running on the side. I keep audio audion with atmospheric sounds turned off so I can hear when asteroids deplete or Triglavians pop in for a scrap. Every 60seconds is a bit excessive for that damn ticking sound. Really wish there was a way to turn this one off.

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I can see that. While I’ve boosted a few mining fleets from an Orca here and there, mostly I’ve Claymore boosted for incursion fleets for up to 4, 5, 6 hours straight. But since (VG) incursion fleets have to take stargates now and then, the ticking timer is a good thing for us as it reminds us to turn the freakin’ boosts off so we can jump through a gate without waiting 60 seconds like a dumbass. ;D

So yeah, I think it’s more helpful than not, but perhaps for chiefly mining boosters it’s not. Still, you wouldn’t want to forget to decycle so you can tether or dock in case of danger.

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