User experience issue: That annoying "chirp" from non-capsuleer timer is driving me mad!

Hi there.

I’ve been doing a lot of PVE these days, and I’m selecting a lot of npc enemies, killing them, then selecting more, killing them and so on… and for the longest time I thought the “chirp” I was hearing was from enabling the turret on a target, and when the target died without you disabling the turret manually. I.e. I thought the chirp was supposed to be useful sound notification for when your attention was somewhere else on the screen, so you could know when a target died, so you need to activate the turret on a new target, or to make sure that you enabled the turret in the first place, if you used a keyboard shortcut while looking at something else.

No… that’s not what the chirp is… the chirp is much less useful, and much more annoying. It’s the chirp that tells you that the 5 minute nocapsuleer combat timer has turned on, or that it has started its countdown.

this is USELESS and ANNOYING sound information that I have NO INTEREST IN, especially as it spams when a target dies, and you start on a new target. (sorry for the caps, but I feel strongly about it)

I checked the sound settings, and there are excellent options for “inactive client muting”, which means that CCP has listened to players in regards to the importance to how they experience effective sound usage, but sadly the “chirp” is not in there.

Would it be possible to add the non-capsuleer log-off timer sound to that menu? It would be such a quality of life issue for me!

P.s. if there was a chirp that actually worked how I thought it worked, that would actually be useful given that there’s always a problem with knowing if the turrets are doing what you think they’re doing.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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