Weapon Timers Alert Audio and other control over the sounds in the game!

Lets bring up how brain agonizing the weapons timer audio is while providing a boost to your fleet!

If we could have more specific audio event controls or even a way to remove sounds manually that would be ideal. I know immersion is important for people, but a beep that makes you want to mute it all or uninstall is a huge concern.

It is important to have audio, but my sanity is on the top of the list.

I'm the mining foreman, it's like a dream.
With lasers and haulers, I calculate the scheme,
Extracting resources in this virtual extreme.

In my trusty ship, I navigate through the void,
My crew and I, with spreadsheets deployed,
In the EVE universe, where data is enjoyed,
We're mining nerds, entirely overjoyed.```

Providing boosts gives a weapons timer alert?

Is a boost module considered to be a weapon/offensive module?

‘Boosts’ come from command bursts, and command bursts are considered offensive modules since they can provide combat bonuses that could potentially be used against other capsuleers.

Ok, but the game should recognize that a mining boost is not going to help kill someone (i don’t have experience with boosts so idk, I’m assuming a mining boost gives bonuses to yield or something like that)

The good thing about the alert even when mining is it keeps you alert, like whats happening why beep , why why why…check that like a hawk but its exhausting.

yes, giving boosts causes weapons timer, I was startled when I couldn’t jump out of the system the first time I noticed
I don’t feel strongly whether mining boosts should cause the same weapons flag as combat boosts

The three charges for mining boosts do the following:

1: miner cycle duration + capacitor use bonus (cycle faster = greater yield)
2: mining module range (shoot rocks further away)
3: mining crystal preservation (crystals last longer)

The effect is determined by ammo charge, but the game does not distinguish between ammo types for the purposes of giving you a timer. It’s all or nothing, and since the module can be used offensively developers decided to apply the timer when it is activated. The timer itself is no big deal since the things it prevents don’t really interfere much with a person providing mining boosts. You can’t gate, eject, dock, refit, or change ships through a maintenance bay for a minute, but It doesn’t let people legally shoot you if they couldn’t already, doesn’t affect sec status, and doesn’t summon CONCORD.

Super ignorant point ill make but I just put Youtube music over EVE and just do my stuff. :smirk: :laughing:

Fair request though.

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