Mining foreman burst is a weapon

My question is

why is the `mining foreman burst’, treated as a weapon ?

some problems, with it being a weapon
you are not able to dock, if you have just used it ?
it limits the cycle time of the `mining foreman burst’ to just 1 minute, regardless of the skill training you have done.

This is exactly the point. It makes the booster vulnerable.

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yes i can see how that works, and i don’t have problem with that.

the second part is my main issue with the way system currently works ie:
what is the point of learning the skill of `mining foreman’ past level 1, to extend the burst timer by 10% per level, if it is always going to be reset at 1 minute by the weapons timer ?

It lasts longer on a barge that goes out of range.
You don’t have to have it on auto repeat also.

practically it’s better.

But yeah the idea is, you can CHOOSE how to use it.
on the mining ships it’s not really THAT important.

It’s not treated as a weapon. Weapons do not trigger the PvP aggression timer unless you’re shooting specifically at a player.

The duration increase allows pilots to move outside the boost sphere and maintain their boosts for a while. To be fair it’s far more useful for combat boosts than mining boosts. It also allows you to actively manage boosts so you can jump through a gate and still have boosts active when you decloak on the other side.

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Also, the weapons timer is 60 seconds after the deactivation of a module that are set to activate the timer. There are no skills that affect that timer.

to get back to my second point

Using the mining foreman burst' is not combat it is mining, the same as using the salvager is not combat or using the tractor beam is not combat or using the scanner probes is not combat, so why is using the mining foreman burst’ for mining the only one restricted by the weapons timer

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for the sake of simplicity : using a burst module gives combat timer. Just like using bastion module.

It’s not bad per se, it’s not good either, it’s the easiest way to have a simple model .

being simple or easy does not make it right

It is there to make the booster to be in some danger and to stop station-games.

@Wander_Prian has it :point_up_2:t2:

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