Mining Command Bursts

Greetings all,

I managed to get my mining foreman skills up to use mining command bursts. My issue is when I use them I dish out a 2 minute buff on myself and teamates. Though I find that i spend more bursts before the buff runs out. I have around 1 minute left on the buff before bursts come out again. I hope you can see the picture.

So what i started doing was stopping the burst guns go off again and let the buff on all our group wear out before I do another burst. Now I would like to know is this wrong to what I am doing or if i stop the cycle bursts it negatively affects the current buff running on all our ships and affects mining ?. Or it doesn’t matter if the burst guns are turned off as long as the buff is running on all of us it’s still ok and bonuses are still active ?

Hope this is clear enough if not I’ll do my best again.


You can either micro-manage the burst to use less of them, or you can just let it run if spending ISK on burst scripts isn’t an issue. Most players just let it run. You are still getting the full bonus either way.

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No, stopping the cycles doesn’t affect the current burst at all.

This is correct.

TBH, micromanaging the mining burst is a pain in the backside. The charges aren’t all that expensive. Better to just turn the bursts on and let them go.

With a full 300 charges, bursting every minute, you still have 5 hours of mining burst. More than enough time to cover the small cost.


thanks heaps for the help all.


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