Mining bursts firing before previous expiring

are the bursts supposed to fire a new one when there’s still 45 seconds remaining of burst from the previous one?

seems very wasteful. am I doing something wrong here if so I can’t tell what.

thanks for any help

Yes, that’s as planned.

It gives an overlap where the booster if actively managing things can change the load in the booster and deliver two benefits.
The long burst is also useful if the command mining ship I’d being used to haul ore back to a station in system.

You can manually cycle the burst if it particularly worries you. The usual rule applies: active engagements with the game should be more beneficial than passive non-engagement.


understood. thank you for your reply, very helpful

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It’s also helpful for the mining ships in the fleet that (accidentally) drifted out of range of the previous burst or only just arrived on grid to get a new burst as soon as possible.

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