Mining fleets

questions on mining fleets in hi sec. 1) If I form a fleet and someone tries to gank another member of the fleet, are others in that fleet subject to a combat timer. 2) If a member of the fleet takes a hostile action against someone out of the fleet, are other fleet members subject to any repercussions. 3) If no to #2, what if I deploy a command burst during their hostile action, do I suffer anything?

I want to provide free mining boosts when I’m in a belt but at the same time don’t want to loose my ship to someones sabotage.




You only have to be careful if you remote repair an attacked target. You can potentially inherit some timers from that.

Fleeting up has the risk of being yeeted* to null sec and killed. Keep your safeties to green and don’t put them to yellow.

*Filaments can take you and fleet members with safeties yellow or red to another part of space.

Safeties green also stops you from taking actions that may get you a suspect or criminal timer, I think, but my high sec rules are rusty.


Exactly this. Safety yellow prevents you grom going criminal, safety green also prevents you from going suspect.

thank you for the information

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