Is fleeting mining in nullsec hectic and always on high alert?

I was looking for a relaxing game to play because I have a bit of an anxiety issue, and was wondering if I pick up fleet mining in a corp in null-sec, does it always require high attention about what’s going on, and do I always have to be ready for combat or warping out or is it usually more laid back if there’s more protection or whatnot. Can I just mine, chill and just hang out with other fleet miners in a more laid-back gameplay style?

The most laid back mining is probably in a back water .9 system in hi sec. No belt rats, you can go months without seeing a ganker, maybe years. Fleet mining in null can be chill most of the time, also every once in awhile a WH will roll into your system and the entire mining op will get dunked by 60 Kiki’s.

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To be honest mining in null sec as a fleet can be peaceful but there is always a high chance of having to warp out and possibly losing your ship. This can be mitigated by defense fleets and a good mining FC but you will still have to pay attention and be alert.

If you’re wanting a fairly stress-free mining experience, then mining in high sec in a .8 to .9 system is going to be your best bet. There are plenty of High Sec corps out there that you can make friends in to be able to do that. Not to mention most Null Sec corps or alliances do have PvP requirements as well for you to be in the corp or alliance. If you don’t defend your space in null sec then you won’t have space to fly in.

Is this to say you shouldn’t try out null sec or anything like that? No, just manage your expectations and make sure that if you do join a null sec corp that you understand fully what is expected of you and make sure you are ok with that.


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