Is there any Hi/low sec Mining ops open to all players?

Hi, I am a mining oriented player and was wondering if there were any open hi or low sec mining ops that were open to members of all corps?

Thank You!

Generally speaking… people tend not to announce operations like this lest they attract the “wrong crowd.” :wink:

The best way is to simply go out there and start talking to people. Network. Find out through word of mouth where you should be going. Build trust. Make friends.

If you do this, good things will follow.


Oh yea
one reason i never let any one know when in Low or Null till i am back in Hi sec.
Sadly i am a Solo Miner. been burnt too Many times By People that were Friend,Corp Mate or Just another Player. so unless that Prove to me they will not burn me I keep them at least 4 Orcas distance from me

I’d be happy to run a lowsec mining op for you.

What timezone are you?

as shah fluffers said, eve is a mmo, and social interactions are improtant
join a corp or not, make friends, allies, etc

PST timezone

I used ro join a public fleet in lari system. Check the fleetfinder , not sure if its still running

thank you

Also i know some guys in few places who are miner friendly, feel free to mail me if y interested

character name?

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