I am a miner and I feel alone

But according to game mechanics its not worth to get along with other miners, as you nerf your earnings and asteroid sharing is a no-no.

Sometimes I see somene in belt and open conversation but they usually reject it.

Awesome “social” game…

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There are lots of industrial corporations looking to recruit miners. Most will have scheduled fleets with Orca boost (or Rorqual if you feel adventurous). It’s true that many Eve players seem to ignore local chat, at least for social connections. They are likely busy chatting on their corporate or alliance channels.


If anything, the game mechanics promote fleet mining because of how much bonus yield boosts give.

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Yeah. Miners benefit from boosts, mutual defence and camaraderie. There are no real mechanical downsides to mining in a groups. Ore spawns in vast excess than what is mined each day, so aside from perhaps rare spawns in limited anomalies (like say gas sites in wormholes or maybe ice), there is no reason not to team up.

And even then. It’s perfectly fine and good there are different types of sites that promote either cooperation or competition. If you want to mine in a group you can, way more so than say missions. I’m not sure what the OP is going about.


There are public and also invite only chat rooms too you can join if you want to socialize besides fleet, local and private convos. :speech_balloon:

You feel alone? You need a quick gank to feel better. Im joking kinda

Seriously, there are many out there willing to group up to mine. Great way to share intel on potential fields among many other things while you mine. Some are grumpy old hermits and auto reject, though many do at least socialize to some degree. Personally, I hate mining a whole field by myself as it saves time for me to scheme other activities.

Join ART5 public channel. Hope to be flying with you soon

Nice troll!

i saw a guy mining a moon in providence the other day in his procurer and struck up a conversation. brought over a prospector and just chilled. the social aspect of mining isn’t in high-sec, that’s mostly Semi-AFK nonsense in my experience.


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Find a good mining corp, the concerns you posted about are just not true in a group that’s not full of ass-hats.

With a name and portrait like yours how could you ever be lonely? Lol


Mining is the best way to start conversations, or at least that is my experience. I’ve been know to fly my Orca and ask people if they want boosts. I’ve also flown mining ships and had people offer boosts. If you are getting cold shoulder, move a few systems over and try again.

Maybe you suck at socializing. I do…

I was once attacked by bald twins, hence my reticence to accept your convo. I apologise for pre-judging.

And this is how high sec gankers are born.


Can you suggest a few rooms?

Because I often play during off peak hours, I’m typically doing solo activities- it would be nice to connect with other random players.

The e-uni (EVE university, the corp/alliance responsible for the wiki of the same name) channel is listed under the help category in the channel list. Usually there is some chit-chat and you can also ask questions if you need help. The other channels I signed on to are quite inactive so left those some time ago as barely ever they had any activity.

Not sure where you can find channel lists but worth checking r/Eve and searching google and the forums as probably there are either channel lists or ads for specific channels. Also streamers and “organizations” usually have public channels so if you like some content creator or group then probably they have an in-game channel.

Oh and if you want to bother with such probably even more channels available through third-party services especially voice chat ones such as discord, though I prefer in-game text chat so out of game and/or voice channels are out of my interest.

Join English Help channel (under help category in channel list). Apart from learning about game just by reading other questions and answers, usually there some random conversations where there is no ISK around and not many people needs help.

Also, don’t be afraid to talk in local. Sometimes you can find very interesting people in local or corporations that maybe will want you in.

I’m down for some fleet mining!
I’ll fire up my trusty Venture.

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I think that was my alt o/