Public Mining Fleets in Metropolis Region?

I’m actually looking to start one, but if there is one up already I figured it would be better to join it! Looking to start making more public mining fleets for USTZ to get to know people in the region.

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I didn’t know such a thing as a public mining fleet exists. Sounds like an interesting idea!

Don’t do it! They get you in a group then transport the group to a random NULL space with a filament and then the killing begins.


Interesting. The corp my main character is in says in its corp bulletin never to join a fleet that you are not familiar with. Now I understand why.

all depends on trust I guess. I can see that happening, but at the same time community can police that. If its a player thats had history of doing that in the past oust them out.

I don’t know so much about filaments, but won’t the “flag exempt from fleet warp” option protect you from that? Its the first thing I do when fleeting up. If I fleet to a member its always 10 km or more away.

In before the thread closure.

They have to set safety off to get ported via a filament…

Safety is not simply on or off.

Its green, yellow or red.

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and red is what it should be set to for every player in every situation.

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That’s a good idea, but who has time for that? I don’t. I play Eve to get some relief from RL. I log in and play the game, immersing myself in this beautiful sci-fi universe we have. I meet jerks and d00d types all the time. Bad behavior is common. In my experience bad behavior is more common than good behavior. I try to avoid bad people by just going somewhere else to have my little sci-fi adventures.

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