Friendly reminder for Hi-sec players: Do not accept fleet invites from strangers

Or anybody you don’t 100% trust.
There will be new filaments which can “magically” transfer you and your fleet mates into (random?) Null system.

A Mysterious Travel Filament

Surprise gifts and visits are synonymous with this time of year, so keep an eye on your daily login gifts during the 13 Days of EVE, as you never know what you might get and where it might take you and your fellow pilots in Null-Sec! The RDLF-09 Filament is……especially exciting. These filaments are available exclusively during the holiday event, so make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to surprise your fellow capsuleers.


Look at this guy who can’t make new friends.


Good advice, but I feel like this is a no-brainer. lol

You can’t freely shoot fleet members (in H-sec) any more, so people can think it’s safe to accept invite.

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Free Orca boosts anyone?


Sooo… the cake is a lie? :sob:

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I’m confused how the filament works, it transports you to a specific nullsec system of your choosing? Or one at random?

Are you right about that? I thought it will transport only who is 6000m arround you. As said in the filament attributes.

I really like idea of these filaments, they should drop regularly from triglavians as loot.

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Does anyone know if it only transports your fleet members, or if it is any ship within range?

Because if it’s the latter then the Jita 4-4 undock is about to get crazy… :slight_smile:

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I was thinking about wormhole generator too. As altenative mechanic with volountary jumping. :thinking:

I accept fleet invites in null from random strangers occasionally, they warp you into a free PVP-party. You loose some, you on occasion get away or you -once in a blue moon- win.

fleet members , got to be in range , safety set to yellow or red …
op is our chicken little running around the sky is falling … :slight_smile:

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Eve is a lie.

Yup, and have to be 1000KM from anything, etc. It was a little coordination to get everyone who wanted to use one set to where I could activate it lol. I doubt anyone would be jumped to null whom was not expecting it.

First one took us to Kalevala Expanse lol.

0-4 I think is completely random, 5-8 is a random system that is “populated”.

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