Hey just a general reminder to new players. Null sec corps are psychopaths. Ignore the nullsec nexus filments

It’s kind of funny. They talk to you after they show up and outnumber you/scram you. They act like they are helping and btw how dare you enter their territory.

But it’s christmas event/filment so you know my Expert AI endurance isn’t invading on any kind of long term time lime.

But naw f that, swine like Freedom Consortium… lol!!! I mean i wouldn’t even normally post this… Look 'I knew that activating that null sec filament to nexus event was a huge risk. I totally expected to be murdered. I really did.

But I was murdered by Freedom Consortium…Lol look them up!

“Fun Friendly gaming group. Make this your new home!
All activites welcome!”

Unless you blunder in because of a nexus event filament lol!!

if you do that it’s hoist up the jolly roger and rob the Expert AI fitted endurance.

You are heroes by the way. Literal heroes of pvp. Absolutely monsters of masculinity.

I didn’t lose that much in isk activating this null sec filament. But I lost a lot of desire to keep playing this game. That came from having to crawl my pod back to sec space to hopefully find a ship and a reason to go on. I’m wrecked out of the nexus events lost all of my filaments. I should probably be grateful they didn’t pod me but damn… wtf dudes.

Thanks Freedom Consortium. Hope you guys had fun wrecking some expert AI frigate.

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99% of NullSec strictly operates under the tenet of NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot It). That one “harmless” Explorer or miner they let through otherwise could be the one bookmarking all their stations and gathering intel for others. This is Eve, not WoW.
It is kinda expected to be killed in NullSec if anyone lays eyes on you.
Can’t wait for Providence to return to its rightful wardens.


Cool… Sure no prob. I’ll never go to null sec again. Not sure why this nexus event is giving us these booby traps.

I totally understood nullsec is full of psychos and there is zero chance they control enough space to allow visitors.

I just didn’t expect to get scragged by people claiming a normal human sort of ethos though. Merry christmas.

The punchline here is I am told low sec filaments are where it’s at really.

0.0 is not welcoming to non blues. It’s not without reason. Cva tried to not be Nbsi. A few times. It doesn’t end well.

Try ph space. They at this point based off Reddit propaganda won’t engage with out orders signed in triplicate lol.

They at this point based off Reddit propaganda won’t engage with out orders signed in triplicate lol.


I don’t know what PH space means. The great irony here is I’m a returning player almost newbie so I blunder into stuff and have no idea what is going on.

I do expect humanity and decency from people who massively overwhelm me in firepower but hah hah to me right?

I know I won’t go back to null sec. I was making decent money in low sec/high sec nexus filaments. I just got greedy. I thought I was slick.


those epic heros stood against my expert AI frigate with zero weapons like true heroes and champions. Absolute monsters of pvp all of them.

Being upset about it won’t change it or even bother them.
It is part of the game in its current political landscape.
The situation has been like this for a decade and more, with exception of providence back when.

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I’m not upset. I just thought I would point out that this group’s ethos isn’t what they say it is. They pretend to be friendly gamers but they are reavers. Murderers and thugs.

A lot of new and returning players are activating nexus filaments and they need to know what they are getting into.

Sure, I agree. But if they get killed in nullsec they will likely start asking questions or looking into it. It is part of the learning curve. Newbie player won’t lose anything costly in there either.

“The only winning move is not to play.”

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Naw I really like this game. I’m ok with being killed. But I’m gonna call it out. I’m gonna rub it in this bs corps face that they call themselves freedom consortium and then rape what are basically newbies riding in on event filaments to mine a tiny bit of ice and then vanish.

During Christmas.

You need to chill out. Getting blown up is a part of the game.

Making comparisons to heinous IRL acts is not welcome.


That doesn’t mean I have to bear it silently. And wah wah if corps don’t want to be connected to heinous acts they should lay off newbie frigates riding in on event filaments.

I like how you try and out wah me dude. I’m impressed but my wah power is greater.

And before you tit on further I want to remind everybody that this is just a warning to new players to avoid the null sec filaments.

The psycho nutjobs in nullsec will wreck you and laugh about it. Just stay away.

The low sec filaments are bank. Nullsec is a trap.

In which highsec system are you mining?

I realize you’re new, so I hate to inform you that nobody cares. No one is surprised that you, a random, got shot in nullsec. All you’re doing is showing the peanut gallery how upset and toxic a gamer you are.


I don’t think that warning new players not to use the nexus filaments that land in null sec is toxic.

Also, had I been scragged by “Death Corps” or “Suck it Newb” or something like that I probably would have just laughed it off. Honeslty the financial hit isn’t even that bad from my players perspective.

But I got shut out and robbed by Freedom Corp. Happy fun gaming ya’ll merry christmas.

I felt that was noteworthy. I get it you don’t agree. Fine. But I still stand by this posting.

Dear all newbies and everybody in this event. Do not use the null sec filaments. You will be fodder for eve’s psychos.

I’m confused.

The only two Endurances killed by Freedom Consortium since the winter event started are two goons this morning:

Who apparently were killed by a bunch of mining ships from the Freedom Consortium.

Looking at their fits they seemed to have a nice trick, where one Endurance would pretend to be a miner, while the other is fit for combat, I assume to attack other miners.

Now there are a few possible scenarios:

  1. You were the mining goon, out there with a combat-fit mining ship friend. Suddenly a fight breaks out between you and other miners (big surprise when your friend is fit for combat?) and you both lose your ships.

In this scenario I’m confused because you would know that the plan of you and your friend is to kill enemy ships, and secondly as a goon you would know how null sec works, so we go on to scenario 2:

  1. You were in a third Endurance which did not show up on zkillboard (in case neither you nor the killer from Freedom Consortium has automated their uploads to zkillboard). Freedom Consortium had just been in a fight with a combat-fit Endurance this morning and does not take any chances, so they kill your Endurance when they see you show up, because they just had two other Endurances try attack them.

So, what happened this morning?
Edit: turns out it’s scenario 2, see below.

Keep in mind that null sec space is dangerous and anyone in null sec who is not blue (allied) is likely an enemy to you, and will use tricks like ‘combat fit Endurance’ to surprise and kill you.


Maybe they don’t celebrate Christmas?

Actually, I’m neither of those destroyed ships.

And I assert I was an Endurance running with expert AI.

Final Blow,

Johney Verhect
Freedom Consortium, brothers of Tangra.

Top Damage

Arn Ikkala
Freedom consortium Brothers of Tangra, That is what my kill message says.

I had a nice chat with them where I rudely explained what I thought of their ancestry and sexuality.

I agree with Calamity they probably don’t celebrate Christmas, GD heathens.

Okay, it was the second scenario I mentioned then, where these same people had just been attacked by combat-fit Endurances just before you arrived in the same belt with yet another Endurance.

I do not think it surprises anyone that they also killed your Endurance.