Edencom hates me

So, been playing for a little bit more than a month, learning stuff, losing ships, etc. I mined and saved enough to finally buy some fun ships but at some point, Edencom decided to kill me - not really sure what I did. In the last 5 days I’ve lost my fully outfitted Stabber, Rupture, Mammoth and two Ventures. They even podded me three times. And some of this was within two jumps of my current home station.

So, lost nearly everything, can’t go anywhere and thinking of walking away to play something else. Any advice or thoughts?

What are you’re standings with them


that would do it just do a bunch of missions or move to null

But it seems like every time I try to go somewhere I get destroyed. And I’m not even sure how to get to null or what that means

that’s because they have gun stations at the gates to there “systems” and null is anything 0.0 and bellow

Don’t other players kill you there?

if not in a player owned corp then yes and that player onwed corp must be in an alinces that owns that space

Well, I am in a player owned corp but the home system is 20 jumps away. Should be fun getting there or to null space. Maybe I’ll try it when my tears dry…

you could hunt rouge drones in provchen space that can increase you’re standings with edcom and the tirgs

Yea, someone else mentioned that - improves my standing right? But as a newbie, I’m not sure how to get there and I’ll probably cross Edencom gunstars or Pilgrims again sigh

you just need filments to get there and missles boats are great to go agenst roouge drones

I do have some filaments though I don’t know how to use them. I also have one last ship - a Thrasher.

how much isk and what type of filments?

I have a couple of million ISK left. I’m not sure what kind of filaments - not online right now but I think I have 4 of them.

okay once you can shoot me the names of themand the fit of that thrasher

You are being very kind - I’ll login and check.

OK, my Thrasher is an autocannon boat: 7 125MM with some shield tanking. And I have the following filaments: 2xtranquil gamma and one tranquil electrical, ATXVII 1v1 Frigates Proving and two Signal-5 Needlejack

okay how much dps and how much alpha strike the box next to dps in the offinse tab belive that the signal can take you to provchen

That is gonna be a minute - I got podded and was back at AIR. Jumping to where all my stuff is now. 6 jumps.